Essential Seven Star Wars Scenes That Will Look Awesome in 3D

This week George Lucas announced that once again he is going to F*** with the Star Wars by converting all six films into 3-D. While some fans cheered at the news, its safe to say that most of us (including myself) just rolled our eyes at the possibility of Lucas messing with and changing scenes with new effects. Perhaps this time Greedo will trip and accidentally shoot at Han?

Personally, I think movies in 3-D is just another trend that will end soon. Lucas always seems to arrive late to the game with certain technology. It took years before he released the films on DVD. We still got another year before we will get the Blu-Ray versions. The Phantom Menace 3-D won’t arrive in theaters until 2012 followed with the release of one film per year in episode order. That means that we have to wait until 2018 before they are all released! I can’t deny that part of me is looking forward to seeing what the films will be like in 3-D.  If it should be around until 2018, and done right,  here are the Essential Seven Star Wars Scenes That Will Look Awesome in 3-D!

7) The Speeder Bikes

Luke and Leia racing through the forest moon of Endor is one of the most exciting sequences from the original trilogy. The added 3-D will really help you feel like you are soaring through the trees! Watch out for any swinging Ewoks!

6) The Hoth Battle

I can’t wait to feel like I am flying Luke’s snow speeder through the legs of the AT-AT. I don’t want to feel like Dack who seems to always have a problem with “fire control.”

5) Coruscant Chase

Chasing after Zam Wesell through Coruscant will be overwhelming with the craziness of the city. The scene is a great open action sequence that will lead to the two hours of really long heavy dialogue. The perfect film for 3-D! (editors note: please note the sarcasm before commenting)

4) The A-Wing Crashing into the Super Star Destroyer

Concentrateing all fire on that Super Star Destroyer really did no good during the battle over Endor. The ships demise was the result of an A-Wing crashing into the bridge. An awesome scene in 3-D!

3) The Podrace

The first sign of any real excitement in The Phantom Menace comes an hour into the film with the pod race. The entire sequence will benefit from 3-D as you race through the canyons, avoiding being shot by the Sandpeople, and outrunning Sebulba. Yippee!

2) The Death Star Trench

A 3-D version of the Death Star trench will make you feel like your Red-5 shooting at the 2 meter exhaust port. Don’t worry it’s just as easy as shooting wamp rats with a t-16!

1) The Asteroid Chase

Han trying to elude the Empire, leads them into the Hoth planet asteroid field. Watching the Falcon beating the 3720 to 1 odds of successfully navigating the asteroid field translates into 3-D awesomeness.

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