Essential Seven Thoughts & Concerns About the New Ghostbusters Film

The Ghostbusters

The trailer for Paul Feig’s all female Ghostbusters film debuted last week to mixed reviews. Since it’s announcement, I have been very curious about if the reboot would work. After seeing the trailer, I’m cautiously optimistic. I have become numb to the idea of reboots at this point. So many films I treasure from the ‘80s have been remade. Red Dawn, Karate Kid, Poltergeist, and Robocop reboots are terrible. It was only a matter of time that Ghostbusters would be remade. As much hope that we would finally see Ghostbusters 3, I was intrigued when I heard that Paul Feig was going to remake it as an all girl team. It’s different, and Paul’s films for the most part have worked very well. I have lots of opinions about the film so far. Now that we have our first look let me empty my head, keep my mind blank, and focus on the Essential Seven Thoughts / Concerns About the new Ghostbusters Film:

7) Four Scientists?

Four Scientists?
The first thing that puzzled me is how the trailer is introduced. It states that four scientists saved New York City. Four Scientists? I guess putting Three Scientists and a guy who will believe anything you say for a steady paycheck would be very difficult to sell. I don’t mean to put down Winston, but it’s clear the marketing department doesn’t realize that hardcore fans would quickly point this out as a mistake. I don’t blame them utilizing the original film to help sell the new version, but at least think about the approach. You don’t want to turn away the hardcore fan base.

6) Reboot or Sequel?

The Firehouse
The trailer focusing on the original film, clearly has confused viewers. From the beginning, Paul Feig has stated that this film is a reboot. The original films do not exist in this universe. However, the trailer sure does make you believe this is a sequel. Introducing the idea that four scientists (aka Ghostbusters) saved New York, and then show the iconic firehouse, helps support that thought. I wish it was a sequel. With some of the original cast making cameos, wouldn’t it have been better to have them portray their characters? It will make me sad to see Dan Akroyd in a throw away role.

5) Proton Pack, Ghost Trap, & Ecto-1

Ghostbusters Trap
To be a Ghostbuster, you need an unlicensed nuclear accelerator to power your proton guns. A good part of the trailer focused on the equipment, and they clearly didn’t want to change what works. The new gadget and gear look great. The design stays true to the original, but seem more simplified. Proton packs look like they are made up of miscellaneous parts thrown together. The trap looks more like a bear trap with lasers. Last but not least Ecto-1. The new film uses an old hearse instead of the Cadillac ambulance. There is a bit of reality to the new equipment that helps make it more believable. I would hope that the new crew is not in violation of the Environmental Protection Act. Mr. Pecker may have to exaggerate claims against them.

4) The Ghosts

The original film utilized practical effects to make the ghosts. This made them feel more real. A lot of reaction to the new trailer is that the digital effect ghosts feel cartoony.This doesn’t bother me, in fact I think people forget some of the ghosts from the original films were the same way. The Scoleri Brothers from Ghostbusters II were fat exaggerated humans sitting in electric chairs. Then you have a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow man walking around New York City. The only realistic human looking ghost was Dan Akroyd’s fellatio ghost.

3) Jokes Fell Flat

Ghost Vomit Ecto Plasm
A big concern is if the film is funny. To be fair, the original film is an action comedy, and isn’t a laugh out loud comedy. The trailer’s first joke has a ghost vomiting ectoplasm on Kristen Wiig. Her reaction how that slime was hard to clean off made me chuckle. After that I didn’t find anything else humorous. I have faith in Paul Feig and the cast, but let’s pray that they are keeping the funniest moments for the final film.

2) Kristen, Melissa, Kate, & Leslie

The Ghostbusters
The biggest positive for the film is the cast. All of the women are very funny. I also like the idea of an all girl Ghostbusters, and have no problem with it. Kristen has a lack of inhibition that I love. Melissa will utilize her physical comedic skills to get a laugh. I didn’t get a sense of Kate’s humor from the film other than the unfunny wig / hat joke. Leslie is really funny when she makes Colin Jost uncomfortable during the Weekend Updates on SNL. My only hope is that Leslie’s character doesn’t yell the entire time as we saw in the trailer.

1) Merchandise: Ecto Cooler Needs to Return

Ecto Cooler
My major concern doesn’t really deal with the film itself, but the products tied to the film. We have already seen the upcoming toys at Toy Fair. What kid doesn’t want a proton pack? What kids these days haven’t experienced is HI-C Ecto Cooler. What better time for HI-C to revive the citrus drink? Ecto Cooler was hugely successful, eventually removing Slimer from the packaging in 1991. If you never tasted Ecto Cooler it is an orange / tangergreen flavored drink made up of Water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), potassium benzoate, modified food starch and natural flavors.

Mmmmmm… Potassium Benzoate.

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