Essential Seven Tragic Couples

This Monday is Valentine’s Day. Remember, flowers and chocolate are always good. Most of you will have a good day with your loved ones. Think about Sawyer and Juliet from LOST. Their lives were ruined when Juliet falls into a hole, and killed by a nuclear explosion. She can never celebrate Valentine’s Day again. Their love ended in tragedy.  That is why this week we are going to examine the Essential Seven Tragic Couples:

7) Worf and Jadzia Dax

When Worf  was transferred to Deep Space Nine, he met Jadzia Dax. Jadzia was the eighth host of the symbiont Dax. In the sixth season, Worf married Jadzia only to have her be killed later that year by a Pah-wraith possessed Gul Dukat. If the Klingons had a Valentine’s Day it most likely would involve the celebration of a tremendous battle where many Klingons died in honor.

6) Dr. Horrible and Penny

Dr. Horrible meets Penny at the local laundromat, and falls in love with her. Sadly, Penny begins to date Dr. Horrible’s arch enemy Captain Hammer. Penny is killed when Dr. Horrible’s freeze ray explodes in an attempt to kill Hammer. If the couple did celebrate Valentine’s Day is most likely would be spent washing their whites.

5) Buffy and Angel

Death wasn’t really an issue in Buffy and Angel’s relationship since Angel was already dead. However, being cursed with a soul left them unable to “get it on.” Yes, no sex in a relationship is a bigger tragedy than being killed by freeze ray shrapnel.

4) Indiana Jones and Dr. Elsa Schneider

Poor Indy has no luck with women. In The Last Crusade he instantly hooks up with Elsa. She was a good woman, who even helps him look for the knight of the First Crusades tomb. Then he discovers that she is a Nazi. Even worse he then finds out that she slept with his father!

3)  Zoë and Wash

Zoë and Wash met aboard Serenity when Mal hired Walsh to pilot the ship. Together they were the voice of reason to Mal. Then tragedy struck.  Walsh successfully survives a crash landing on Mr. Universe’s planet, only to be impaled a few seconds later by a Reaver harpoon.

2) Anakin and Padme

Whining, cheesy pick-up lines, and murdering women and children Tusken Raiders was all Padme needed to know that Anakin was her man. He later turns evil, kills more children, and chokes Padme unconscious. Her broken heart forces early labor, and she dies. She really liked the “bad boys!”

1) Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy

Peter Parker spent years of torment as the school nerd. Then luck “swings” his way. He finally gets a girl, a hot girl in fact! They fall in love. Green Goblin then captures Gwen and throws her off a bridge, letting her fall to her death. Spider-Man fails to rescue her, and is forever haunted by that moment. That is until a redhead comes into his life.

The Essential Seven is a weekly list of seven items that we at believe needs to be identified. Want our opinion on a topic for a future list? Email Lando Da Pimp. Don’t agree with our list? Then leave a comment. We will try not to laugh at your dumb opinion! 😉

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