Essential Seven Unanswered Yoda Questions

Continuing this month with our Star Wars Unanswered Questions we put our focus on unanswered Yoda questions. Yoda is the ultimate Jedi Master. Keeping his own council of Jedi, he helped keep peace in the Old Republic. When Palpatine took over he went into hiding to one day train Luke or Leia in the ways of the force. Make a list of the Essential Seven Unanswered Yoda Questions I will:

7) Why Was the Jedi’s Ability to Use the Force Diminished?

In Episode II, Mace and Yoda discuss the fact that their use of the Force had diminished. This would be a fine story line if we knew exactly how their use of the Force was diminished. We don’t see a trace of this throughout the films. I can only assume that they are referring to the fact they can’t detect who the Sith Lord is. If so, why didn’t Yoda just say, “Can not detect the Sith Lord we can.”

6) Did Yoda Reach Out to Luke?

When Luke lands on Dagobah he comments that there was something familiar about it. How? Did Yoda reach out to Luke throughout his life? Yoda mentioned that he had been watching Luke as he dreamed of leaving Tattooine. Could this connection allow Luke to feel a connection to Dagobah?

5) Did Yoda Control the Events in the Dagobah Cave?

The events of the cave were a test for Luke. It taught him that he should not give into anger or suffer the same fate as Vader. So my question is did Yoda control the events of the cave? We have never seen the trials that a Jedi must go through to become a Master. I would  imagine that they are more of a mental challenge like the cave created by the Force.

4) How Did Yoda Become Head of the Council?

Yoda mentions in The Empire Strikes Back that he kept his own council. Did Yoda start the Jedi Council, or did he just make his way up through the ranks?

3) Why Did Lucas Make Yoda Look Disturbing in Episode I?

The Phantom Menace featured a fully digitized Yoda in the Jedi Council scene, and it was disturbing. The digital version made Yoda a deeper green, and appeared to have some weird skin spots. Lucas even mentioned in the making of Episode II that he needed to model Yoda after the Empire Strikes Back design. For some reason Lucas attempted to show a younger Yoda in Episode I. Why? The Phantom Menace is only about 30 years before Episode IV?  He is also 900 years old. Would 30 years really make a huge difference?


2) Why Live On Dagobah?

Dagobah is a great place for Yoda to go into seclusion, but was there any specific reason he chose it?  Was Dagobah his home planet, or is it just a crappy place that nobody would think to look?


1) Why Did He Allow Ankin to Be Trained?

Yoda and the council all agree that Anakin shouldn’t be trained. They sense that in doing so would be the wrong thing to do, even if he is the chosen one. OBI-Wan threatens to train him anyways, and Yoda instantly agrees. So if allowing Anakin to become a Jedi Knight wouldn’t it make sense for Yoda to watch over him? Why did they give in so easily?

The Essential Seven is a weekly list of seven items that we at believe needs to be identified. Want our opinion on a topic for a future list? Email Lando Da Pimp. Don’t agree with our list? Then leave a comment. We will try not to laugh at your dumb opinion! 😉

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