Essential Seven Unintentionally Gay Comic Book Covers


Older comic book covers embraced the use of absurd and goofy scenarios to sell books. At the time they were very innocent, but looking back in retrospect, a few of these covers have very gay tendencies. You need to have an open (dirty) mind as you look at these, and a good sense of humor. That being said, here are the Essential Seven Unintentionally Gay Comic book covers:

7. Detective Comics, No. 262


The year this issue was printed, the rainbow emblem wasn’t a gay pride symbol. Batman was ahead of his time with his bizarre array of rainbow costumes. Another glaring problem is that Bruce Wayne needed to have Robins eyes checked for color blindness. The suit isn’t red (like his outfit), but a very happy pink!

6. World’s Finest Comics, No. 7


Superman, Batman, and Robin look way to happy straddling these phallic shaped cannons. Nuff’ said.

5. World’s Finest Comics, No. 14


Robin is really excited about joining the sausage fest swimming party. The boys in the lake are anxious as well. I would expect this of Robin, but what is up with Superman and Batman? Both are giving each other the “Should We?” look.

4. Captain America, No. 69


There can be no doubt that the mysterious hand is about to grab Captain America’s junk.  The only question is who? If I had to guess I would put my money on Bucky.

3. Betty and Me, No. 16


So why did Archie have to “beat off” those three guys? What were they doing to her? And why is the water deeper where the three guys are then where Archie is walking? The boys are clearly closer to shore.

2. The Rifleman


Chuck Conners (a.k.a The Rifleman) really looks excited about the wood Johnny Crawford is holding. I have to admit it’s a very impressive piece of wood.

1. Action Comics, No. 457


What can you say about this? It’s just wrong on every level. The kid is terrified that Superman is going to take advantage of him. Clark removing his clothes doesn’t make it any better. Sure it really is innocent, but the character postioning along with my dirty mind, just makes this wrong.

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