Geek Christmas Gift Ideas: Darth Vader Alarm Clock

Darth Vader Alarm Clock

Throughout the next month we will be helping you ladies out there with Christmas Gift Ideas for your geek. Up first is this very cool Darth Vader Alarm Clock.

Sick of that annoying alarm clock buzzer? How about James Earl Jones as Darth Vader telling you to get out of bed? It may be uncomfortable to sleep knowing that the Dark Lord of the Sith Lord is staring at you. You can choose between the radio or three¬† Darth Vader movie sound bites, including “Don’t underestimate the force,” “We would be honored if you joined us,” and “The Force is strong with this one.”

The time is displayed in his cold machine eyes. When you check the time it may feel like you are looking into his dark soul. That may sound bad, but its no different than waking up to go to work!

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