General Zod takes over the White House

I just got my General Zod yesterday and I was scheduled for a Holiday Tour of the East Wing of the White House, so I took him with me. How could I not?

A little background… the White House security is notorious for denying entry to individuals having weird prohibited items. (Party crashers not withstanding) So my group of coworkers were all telling me they’d confiscate Zod, or kick me out. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with bringing a high-end collectible of Terrance Stamp as General Zod from Superman II to the White House. It’s not a weapon, and he’s not really a threat to the Presidency (however had we seen Mr. Obama, I would like to think he’d be cool enough to pose for a pic.)

So with my Zod in my pocket (awesome name for a band), I grabbed some pics. Check it out. And you can get your own General Zod from Matty Collector.
And if you need reminding, here is the clip from Superman II

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