Ghostbusters Minimates Backdrop #1 – Firehouse Ext.

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I am in love with the new Ghostbuster Minimates. There are tons of secondary characters like Slimer, Louis, the Taxi Ghost, (but not Jeanne?), and plenty of variants of the primary Ghostbusters. All that is lacking is a great way to display ’em. Step in Mr. Stinkhead. You liked my free Transporter base for displaying your classic Star Trek Minimates… now I’ve got a whole series of display backdrops just for these Ghostbuster Minis. Here is the first one, be sure to check back for the next in the series, this week. I’ll even have a video of how to assemble them (but they’re pretty self explanatory) at the end.

Here is the first one. The Firehouse Exterior. Simply print on cardstock, cut out, attach the GB sign and the supports and you’re ready to go. You’ll notice these pics include a peg base. I was getting tired of trying to get all four Ghostbusters to stand up at once, they’re they’re a little back-heavy, and I couldn’t get all four to stand up that close without knocking them all down. Enjoy! And stay tuned for the next (3D, interactive) free display base!
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Either click that image or download the 6Mb PDF here.

I will be adding pics to this gallery, so if you’re reading this article after the original post date, you may be getting a preview of the next displays, go ahead and check em out!

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