Ghostbusters Minimates Backdrop #2 – The Library

Hoping that you enjoyed my downloadable Firehouse backdrop for displaying your Ghostbuster Minimates, but now I’m taking it one step further with this 3D Haunted Library basement playset. Check out all these pics, and directions for assembling your own, for free!

download the 4Mb PDFDownload the 2 page PDF (4Mb), print it out on card stock and cut out all of the shapes. Spread some rubber cement onto all of the tabs with a splat icon, and then add a light coat to the surface that it will stick to when you fold it. (There is a completed photo on the PDF, but peruse the gallery below for more shots) Let it dry, pinch those edges together, and now you have a creepy slimed out card catalog. I have filmed myself assembling all of these, plus the deluxe set I’m releasing tomorrow.
You can make this even easier if you’re lazy. I think it looks fine without the extended card drawers poking out, but c’mon it’s easy enough to assemble and insert them anyway. I recommend slicing their slots (dotted lines) before assembling the whole casing though.
You’ll also notice a few extra index cards, cut those out and scatter them about the base for added effect.
The book shelves are even easier. I recommend printing the bookshelf page 2 or 3 times to really build up the library environment. If you print this page a few times, you’ll end up with a few “symmetrical book stacking” props. It’s cool, turn it sideways and put it on top one of the shelves or the card catalog for added depth.
Check out my photos below. I think you’ll enjoy a few hidden surprises, and have fun displaying your minimates. And now check out the Rooftop playset!
If you’re interested in purchasing any of these sets, check out what they got at
And one more time, here is the downloadable Firehouse backdrop

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