GWAR comes back to 9:30 Club


GWAR came back to the most powerful city in the nation to give it what-for and wreck everyone’s day. It was amazing. If you don’t mind your face being melted off, click below for my gallery.


I get to see GWAR about once a year and they bring a completely new show each time. This time, Pustulus and Bonesnapper riffed on the internet. My favorite segment was when they swore up and down they would never fire someone over the internet, and then promptly fired Bonesnapper via tweet. Classic! And self-referential. If you’re not familiar with the Vulvatron debacle, it’s a must read. They also introduced online singles app Kinder, it’s like Tinder, but for kids, as endorsed by Jared from Subway.


The first GWAR show I witnessed, Oderus reigned supreme, then last year I was introduced to new lead Blothar. I can safely say, now with my second show with him, that Blothar is perfectly capable of leading the scumdogs to trample our souls. He wields his quadracock(?), with might, blessing us with his drippy goodness.

GWAR In 2015

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