GWAR Comes to Baltimore

Balsac the Jaws of Death

GWAR appeared in Baltimore this past weekend on their 2014 Eternal Tour. They addressed the absence of lead singer Oderus Urungus, and introduced Blothar and Vulvatron, each capable of spewing their own fluids all over the audience. I don’t think a first-timer would have a lesser experience with the new line-up. It was different, but it wasn’t for better or for worse. The crowd seemed to completely enjoy it, and it did sell out, so the fans are still there, and they’re still cracking their heads to rock out with the best scumdogs in the universe. Click below for my photos, which should at least induce internal bleeding.

Take that!

My first experience with GWAR live was at the November 2013 show at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC. I had heard of GWAR (probably starting with Empire Records and checked out their videos online occasionally since then. Then I saw them live and I was transformed. I mourned when lead singer Dave Brockie was found dead a few months later. I wasn’t the only one who was curious if they’d keep things going, or go in a new direction, or end their earthly invasion all together. But it says a lot for Brockie’s vision that the band was able to go on seamlessly, and still produce a solid show.


At the risk of being labeled a pussy, I liked the audience vibe at the DC show a lot more. People were there to get their faces melted, but they were also patient and flexible with each other. The Baltimore crowd was ready to fuck things up, no matter who was in the way. Before I even got into the venue, a large Chewbacca looking dude was getting tossed out. The hilarious irony was that he was wearing a Stupid Is as Stupid Does t-shirt. Har-har! Not long before I left another guy came stumbling out with a badly bloodied nose and forehead. The mosh pit was being so unruly that the security detail made all of the photographers stand in the far left of the pit so they’d have enough room to catch and release the wayward crowd surfers. I don’t think people were looking for fights, but their appetite for destruction was a bit more intense. I’m not sorry if you think I sound like a pussy.

Pustulus Maximus

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Just a month ago, my camera bag finally bit-it, and I had to retire it. I was distraught as it’s best feature was that it was splattered in GWAR blood from the 2013 show. I just didn’t feel complete shooting shows without my dried red badge of courage. Then, a week after getting my new bag, I spied that GWAR was coming to Baltimore, and I’d have an opportunity to christen it with blood and fire! (Or at least blood and whatever else GWAR seeps). I have yet to get any good photos of it, but yes, my bag was christened. The best part of my evening was right after the show, mingling with the “regular folk” patronizing Power Plant Live with blood caked on my face.

Mattron looks on

If there is one thing I can tell you, it’s that GWAR lives. Your destruction has not been postponed. This was the final scheduled date of their Eternal Tour. (I had to think on that one) But stay tuned to to pick up their albums and stay tuned for future appearances. Check out my sick pics below.

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