Gwar in DC

Gwar on stage

I finally got to see Gwar live, and shoot it from the pit. I brought protective covers for my camera and wore an old t-shirt. I got into the pit and looked at the other photographers and noticed they were relatively clean and didn’t have as much protection on their cameras. Maybe I won’t get messy? I thought, but then literally thirty seconds in, I was blasted right in the ear by a cold stream of Gwar goo. HELL YEAH!

Click below for some pics that will MELT YOUR FACE OFF

Balsac the Jaws of Death

If you’re unfamiliar with Gwar, shame on you. They’ve been around for almost 30 years, and they’re still kicking ass and taking names. Performing as beasts from another planet, they’re here to consume us lowly humans, and make us their slaves. And rock our faces off. Elaborate set pieces, head banging music, and of course gallons of fake blood sprayed liberally on the audience, all make up for a one of a kind act.

After the show

I had an amazing time. The audience was very rowdy, but in an appropriate and fun way. They were moshing and crowd surfing, but people weren’t trying to fight or be an ass. The stage theatrics alone is worth the price of admission, but their music is catchy and worthwhile. I rode home on the metro like this, and I think the dried blood running down from my ear may have disturbed a few people. Who knows. Rock and roll.

Beefcake the Mighty

I wanted to share some links. Gwar has a new album, Battle Maximus and now a brand new animated cartoon, starring GWAR and Weird Al! Check it out on Funny or Die!. I also recommend Oderus reading Goodnight Moon.

Check out my pics below.

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