J.J. Abrams wants you to forget about Star Trek

Do you remember all those great Star Trek TV shows? Captain Kirk and crew changed the way sci-fi was handled on TV. When the show was almost canceled the fan outrage kept the show on for another year. Since then the franchise has expanded into 10 films, and four spin-off series.

So I just got a chance to catch out the new Star Trek trailer and was mad as hell. J.J. Abrams wants you to forget what we know about Star Trek! I get that its a marketing ploy, but the Star Trek fans has what kept this franchise moving. Now we are asked to forget about what we know! Why? Because this movie is going to be nothing like the Star Trek we have come to love. I’m going to see the film. I want to give it a chance. The film has some big shoes to fill. I anticipate that I will want to forget J.J. Abrams Star Trek.

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