Kaiju Big Battle “Ends of the World” in Queens!


Kaiju Big Battel held the “Ends of the World” fighto, which ended up leveling Queens, this past weekend. Silver Potato, Kung Fu Chicken Noodle, Dr. Cube, Cycloptopus and more duked it out at the Flushing Elks Lodge in New York, bringing mayhem, destruction, and “live action Godzilla wrestling” to the unsuspecting denizens. The crowd was enthralled to witness the spectacle however. Check out my pics from the event below. In the interest of avoiding spoilers to the action, I won’t give you a play by play of each match.

Tucor leaps into the ring

There is a rich and thorough storyline behind the Kaiju Big Battel world. Dr. Cube and his posse create city crushing beasts to take over the world, while the forces of good come together to thwart their destruction. But along comes Team Spacebug and the Rogues, getting in on the action. If this all sounds confusing, I’ll break it down. Basically it’s a bunch of guys in amazing Japanese-style monster suits, wrestling in a mat full of cardboard city buildings. There are winners, there are losers, and there’s tons of destruction. And it’s all mind-blowing spectacle. This was the first year I was able to bring my son along.

I can't believe it!

The Kaiju shows are typically billed as All Ages, however my seven year old was the only child in attendance at this particular show, because it was a real late show. I thought seven was the perfect age to introduce my son to live monster wrestling. We had watched a few of my DVDs, and looked through the official book Kaiju Big Battel: A Practical Guide to Giant City-Crushing Monsters
, so he knew some of the backstory and a lot of the characters. As you can tell, he loved it. As a bonus, because he was the only kid there, he got some debris and Hell Monkey‘s guitar as a souvenir! The humor and violence is so sci-fi/fantasy based, it’s great for little ones as well.

Mid-air collision

My main goal of covering this fight was to get as many kick-ass action shots as possible. This mid-air collision between Silver Potato and Cycloptopus was my favorite. One of the benefits to wearing the massive costumes is the extra padding, so the talented athletes at the heart of it all, can do some super-human stunts that would otherwise be too dangerous to attempt. We loved how they dove off the ropes and frequently performed back flips and body slams.


I love how this particular photo resembles the iconic “Get up and fight, sucker!” photo of Muhammed Ali by Neil Leifer. Maybe one day I can set up some lighting and stage a perfect homage, but for now, I like how this one turned out. American Beetle ended up being my son’s favorite hero.

Dr. Cube dives

One of the surprises to me was how involved Dr. Cube got in the action. I’m used to him pulling the strings and creating the monsters to do his dirty work, but he really got in there and landed plenty of blows this time.


The fighto fulfilled all of my expectations, and thoroughly blew my son’s young mind. I miss long-running MC Louden Noxious and pray for a triumphant return one day. Stay tuned to for video, merch, and upcoming dates. I thoroughly recommend joining their Facebook page to be kept abreast of upcoming matches.

Check out all my sweet pics below, and maybe we’ll see you around the ring at the next site of humanity’s downfall.

Kaiju Big Battel In Queens

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Bonus! I went around town with my Cycloptopus vinyl (rare SDCC variant!) that I picked up at the show. Follow me on Instagram for more fun!

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