Kirk vs. Kirk


Kirk vs. Kirk in a poorly sculpted throwdown! How does the new Playmates Star Trek figures stack up against the old Star Trek figures?  Sadly Playmates not only continued their atrocious design of Star Trek figures, they have made it even worse.


New James T. Kirk
Playmates has a perfect record when it comes to Kirk toys. The new 3 3/4″  Kirk really looks nothing like Chris Pine.  None of the Shatner figures ever looked accurate either. Not only is the face very generic looking, but the paint job as you can see it beyond poor. Check out the pink lipstick!

The 3 3/4″ line, is in no danger to Star Wars of becoming the hot new competitor line of action figures. The line is shorter than the original Playmates Toys Star Trek figures of the 90s. The new size is scaled to fit the Enterprise bridge playsets. Each figure comes equipped with accessories. Kirk includes: Phaser, Utility Belt, Delta Insignia, and Bridge chair and console.


Old James T. Kirk
Starting in 1992 through 1999, Playmates Toys line of Star Trek figures were the best Trek figures at the time. The figures started off good, but over time Playmates got sloppy. These days Diamond has shown their superiority over Trek figures. That being said, I have a strong love over my Playmates Trek figures. They may have not been perfect, but the variety of figures were always exceptional.

The classic Kirk figure has a stronger resemblance to William Shatner than the Chris Pine figure. It’s still not quite right. The paint job is 50 times better than the Pine version. The old Kirk has a big major flaw that all the Playmates figures had. They can’t friggin hold their accessories!


I’m sure most toy collectors would agree that neither figure is particularly good. Trekkies are really the only people who still love the old Playmates line. Mostly from nostalgia. Fans of the new film will either support the line, or allow it to die. As a hardcore Trekkie I’m not digging the new figures. I think the sizing doesn’t feel right for Star Trek.

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