LA Trip: TV filming Locations

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - paddys_04_selfie
I recently flew out to Los Angeles to visit my favorite TV Show and Movie filming locations. I had around 60 spots on my list and I hit about 45 of them. Traveling 630 miles in just 4 days, I have a ton of video and photos to share. This first batch (and the Part 1 video above) focus on the TV spots I hit.
My very first stop was Paddy’s Irish Pub from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Located at 544 Mateo St. Despite the title, the show was filmed in LA. Turning around the corner, I got a thrill because it looks just like it did in the show (minus the front door and sign). This was a good first stop.
Modern Family - mitchncam_01
Next stop was Mitch & Cam’s house from Modern Family. It was less than a 10 minute drive over to the Dunphy house, and the Fox Studio lot was about halfway in between. This made it very easy for them to film in the neighborhood.
I was very excited to visit Dunder Mifflin from The Office (located at 13927 Saticoy St) however I was slightly disappointed to see how unwelcoming it felt. The entire area was coned off so you couldn’t park, and the gated entrance to their parking lot had the slats filled in so I really couldn’t get more than this photo.
So I headed over to Pickwick’s Pub (21010 Ventura Blvd) also known as Poor Richard’s Pub on The Office. You can see in the comparison video above, the paintjob and decor has changed a bit, but the general structure is still there. I ordered the Cuban sandwich and had a pint while I was there.
I had to hit the Incubator house from HBO’s Silicon Valley. I was completely shocked in its surroundings. I didn’t think it was on a corner, it must be the way it’s filmed.
My breath was taken away by my visit to Vasquez Rocks. I thought it was really cool to see them in person, but also I got there 20 minutes before they closed. I had to hustle to get some photos and get out. There was someone doing a cosplay Star Trek themed shoot while I was there too. This is one of the places I wish I could have gotten to with more time. Maybe the next time I hit LA.

While Dunder Mifflin was a let down, City Hall from Parks and Rec was a blast. It looks just like it does from the show and it’s easy to find (it’s just Pasadena’s City Hall) and if you turn around you’re looking right at Tammy 2’s Library. This spot was a lot of fun.
My final Television based visit was to Branson Caves near Griffith Park. This served as the Batmobile exit from the 1966 Batman Batcave. We held up a Hot Wheels Batmobile (and then photoshopped out the fingers). This was pretty fun. Apparently the chain link fence blocking the mouth of the cave was just added a few weeks before I got there. WOW!
In the video above I also cover some of the Batmobiles on display at the Petersen Auto Museum. Stay tuned for a future feature on here detailing the cool cars we spotted there.
More pics and video coming soon!

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