Lando and Stinkhead on the Batman set

UPDATE: You can see us in the trailer for the new movie! Check out the screen grab.

Lando da Pimp and Mr. Stinkhead were on set today for filming of Dark Knight Rises at Heinz Field. We got to see all kinds of stuff. Click below to see our pics and report from the set Possible spoilers

At one point three camo tumblers came in, but from what we could tell they were not being filmed. One of the tumblers had a turret on top. We were told that the story line includes Bane stealing these tumblers. told you there were spoilers. Speaking of Bane, at the end, Tom Hardy came out in full Bane get-up and filmed his scene amidst the rubble. We couldn’t hear too much of the dialogue, but the voice has got a Silence of the Lambs Buffalo Bill guttural sound. (of course, that’s our impression from set, it could all change in post)

The explosive piles were set up. There were roughly 59 explosions planned. We were given earplugs when we first came into the stadium. When they were going off, we were reacting appropriately, ducking for safety, so we didn’t get to watch the explosions in their glory. In the scene the Gotham Rogue’s receiver is heading for a touchdown when the explosions happen. Stunt men playing the other team fell into these holes. We were told that the raised part of the stage will be the only part of the field left.

As the explosions happen we were to react frightened, and some ran out of the stadium. Armed men pointed weapons at the crowd. Bane then appeared from the tunnel.

The destructed field after the explosions. That chunk of raised field is allegedly the only remaining chunk of field. The rest will be become a digital smoldering crater in post.

Hines Ward came out on one of the Batmobiles. After his recent problems behind the wheel, let’s just say we all felt safer that he was just riding along.

We had a lot of fun, and did a great job of keeping everyone occupied and informed during the shoot. We were there between 9:00a.m. and 7:30 p.m. There were raffles going on all day, and Bane himself drew the number for the brand new Chrysler. Christopher Nolan drew the number for the trip to the NYC premiere next summer.

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