LEGO Bespin Duel

Join me… and we can build one of the coolest LEGO sets in recent history. I have been searching high and low to get this particular LEGO building kit. Luke’s duel with Darth Vader is not only one of the biggest moments in Empire Strikes Back it’s one of the biggest reveals in cinematic history. This set was very difficult to obtain, but a lot of fun to put together and looks fantastic on display

This LEGO set was initially designed as an exclusive to be sold to attendees at Star Wars Celebration in 2020. The event was canceled for public safety, so the building sets were sold at Target and Needless to say they were snatched up quick, I never saw it for sale to have the chance to consider if the $60 price tag was too high or not. The set is fairly small, 295 pieces. The higher price came from the set being for adult collectors. However the secondary market and scarcity drove the price up and over $100 plus shipping on eBay. I was able to get it just under $100 from a local seller by offering local pick-up. I do love this set, but I wish I had been able to snag it at it’s original price.
The two minifigs were previously exclusive to more expensive building sets. This fatigues Luke was initially introduced in set Betrayal at Cloud City 75222 . He features a double sided head so you can display a determined face, as he believes he’s ready to confront Vader. But you can turn his head around and see his anguished, defeated face. Also his right hand pops out very easily. This Darth Vader was initially introduced in Death Star Final Duel 75291. His detailing looks great, and his helmet separates revealing his face beneath.
The gantry looks fantastic. LEGO utilized various bricks to create the grate textures and warning lights. There was a gantry set piece in Betrayal at Cloud City set, but this one is larger and more accurate to what appeared in ESB.
I love the look of this set. Other than the price, it’s near flawless. I love the look of the walkway, but I would have appreciated one or two more foot pegs along the way. There is one near the end for Vader to click onto when revealing his identity to Luke. I do appreciate all the areas Luke can hang on.
This is one of my favorite LEGO sets from Star Wars. It’s beautifully simple. I love this moment from ESB. I’ve recently taken a look at the Kenner Micro Collection Bespin sets. See below for more photos and stay tuned for more Star Wars pics and reviews. Give us a follow, @MillionairePb on Instagram to stay up to date.

LEGO Bespin Duel

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