LEGO Fight on the Flying Wing, (7683)


One of my favorite scenes from Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark, is Indy’s fist fight with the airplane mechanic. The Nazi’s have possession of the Ark, and plan on taking it back to Berlin. Indy must stop the plane from taking off with the Ark. But first he has to get through the giant mechanic.  LEGO’s new set 7683, Flight on the Flying Wing, re-enacts this scene with this new 376 piece set.


The first thing I noticed was the planes 23 inch wingspan! I wasn’t expecting it to be that large. The main wing piece is really large, and as you build the set you add an additional movable wing sections onto either side. Two propellers on the back rotate to slice up the mechanic.

The plane has two cockpits; one for the pilot and a gunner cockpit in the back. The front cockpit opens up forward a bit different from the film. Inside is a seat and a pilot controls. The rear cockpit is not attached to a hinge. The only way to open it is to pull it off. The bottom of the plane has three landing gear. The front rotates 360 degrees allowing the plane to turn.


The set also includes a nicely designed fuel truck. I looked at the film for reference, and the truck is pretty dead on. The truck has six wheels with a fuel tank in the back. Attached to the tank is a hose, and controls to fuel the plane. I’m not sure if this was deliberate or not, but the fuel tank rolls around. The cab only fits one mini-figure, and you can’t fit Indy into the truck unless you take off the fedora.


The highlight for the set is  the mini-figures. The muscular mechanic is the first figure to be shirtless. You can see his exagarated muscle tone, making this a rare figure. Marion, is included in her white dress, along with Indiana Jones and the airplane pilot with movable goggles.


I really like this set, but it has its flaws. The landing gear fall off very easily. It would have been nice to have secured them better. Of course it is a German plane, German fuel truck, and German mechanic. Toys for kids should not include the Nazi term. What I don’t get is the lack of a LEGO ark. This set comes with a box of treasure, not the Ark. LEGO stayed away from creating “The Ark.” I assume to keep away from the religous coniltations. The confusing thing is the name of the film is Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark not Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Box of Treasures! The set retails for about $50. Not a bad price for the size of the plane, and the mini-figures that are included.

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