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How great is it that LEGO has brought back the Harry Potter line? We haven’t seen any new Potters sets since the Hogwarts castle back in 2007. I was even told that LEGO was hesitant to release new sets based on the latest films because of how dark they are. Looks like they got past that. The relaunch of the Potter sets include some redesigns of previously released sets along with some new sets that fans have been asking for. LEGO has been doing something similar with the Star Wars line.

My first new review is for The Burrow (4840). The burrow set is based on the scene from Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince film where Fenrir Greyback, Bellatrix Lestrange, and other Death Eaters set the Weasley Burrow on fire.


This is the first LEGO version of the Weasely Burrow. The 568 piece sets allows you to build a three-story version of Ron’s home. The first floor features a full kitchen with sink and plates for Molly to cook at. In the middle of the room is where the Weasley’s dine with a copy of the Daily Prophet. On the other side of the room is a broom and a giant grandfather clock. A side entrance into the home is connected to an animal pen that encloses a pig.

The second floor of the home is a bedroom with two bunk beds. Harry’s trunk, with Hedwig on top, fits nicely into the room. Inside the trunk is some gold coins along with two socks. The third floor is Ginny’s bedroom that includes a bed, lamp, and a copy of the Quibbler.

The burrow set also includes a fireplace that ejects the figure,  simulating a flu powder teleportation. A very small cornfield patch is also included that allows you to launch fire!

The best part of this set is the six Minifigures. Four of them never produced! Like all Potter sets you get a very angry looking Harry in blue jacket along with Ginny in her button down sweater. Molly and Arthur Weasely are fairly well done, and nice that we finally get a LEGO version of them. The best of the six are Fenrir Greyback and Bellatrix Lestrange. Fenrir is highly detailed with his hairy face and Bellatrix has possibly the best hair piece ever done for a minifigure!


Overall I enjoyed this set. The build is pretty easy and didn’t take more than an hour to build. The inclusion of six minifigures is also a big thumbs up. If I were just reviewing the set as just another building set I would give it a 10! However, its based on a film so I need to compare it to the design from the film. Sadly this set is not much like the Weasley burrow. The movie version of the burrow is a very crooked structure. The LEGO version is very straight with an exception of a few placed angled boards.

I recommend the set to you collectors and Harry Potter fans. Collectors will enjoy the Bellatrix minifigure, while fans of Potter will love to have a LEGO version of the Weasleys home.

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