LEGO Indiana Jones Temple Escape, (7623)


How many movie franchises that are more than two decades old, can make a resurgence as a LEGO toy today. Not many except maybe Indiana Jones. With Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hitting theaters in May, the marketing has begun with LEGO producing three sets based on the previous films Raiders of the Lost Ark, and one set from The Last Crusade. Our first LEGO Indiana Jones review is based on the opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Indiana retrieves a golden idol from an ancient temple.


LEGO incorporated as many of the sections of the temple as possible with a large amount of detail. The temple is made up of five different sections connected together to make a curved passage into the ruins. The entrance is made up of a slanted sticker covered jungle floor with ancient mask above to scare away visitors. Throughout the temple are plastic green plants to help create the jungle appearance.

The right side of the temple is open for play with a wall on the left side filled with dangerous traps and temple details. Midway through the temple is a spider web that Indy can move aside with his whip. A sticker covered ancient idol door blocks his way. The door raises and is kept into place to allow Indy and is guide to pass.


Once through the door Indy must use his whip to swing over the ravine. The whip can easily wrap around the poll and support the weight of the Indy mini-figure. It is here where the sets turns using a series of wing pieces and turn abouts.

After swinging across the gap Indy and his guide Satipo must watch there step. One wrong step and shooting arrow trap can take them out. The arrows are more like spears that you manually push through the holes in the wall. On the floor there are flat light and dark colored floor tile pieces. The darker pieces representing the dangerous tiles.

The end of the temple is where the golden idol sits upon the altar. It is here where I was a bit disappointed with the set. The key scene involves Indy replacing the idol with a bag of sand of equal weight. The LEGO set does not include a small bag for Indy to replace the idol with. Maybe I am being a bit picky, but it is one of the most famous scenes from the film.


The idol is connected to the altar above. When the idol is removed the alter tips over dropping boulders and starting the chain reaction of the temple cave-in.

As Indy makes his way out of the temple the massive boulder is manually released to roll down a black hose track. The boulder is held in place by a green plant that you move to launch. The track allows the boulder to smash into the entrance just as Indy escapes only to find Belloq waiting for him.


Also included is the seaplane for Indy to escape. The front propeller manually spins with a two person cockpit for both Indy and Jock the pilot. In a nice added detail, LEGO included a snake for Indy to discover where we learn that he hates snakes.

Four min-figures are included in this set: Jock, Belloq, Satipo, and of course Indiana Jones. I was sad to see that they didn’t include any native figures as they help Belloq aquire the golden idol.

The Indiana Jones line has already impressed me with this first offering. The details are fantastic minus the fact that there is no sandbag or natives as I mentioned. I was hoping that the Indiana Jones line would differ enough from the similiar Adventure sets. I am happy to say that LEGO has made the line its own. The temple escape has a great amount of fun details that LEGO fans will love to recreate Indy retrieving the golden idol.

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