LEGO Star Wars Hoth Rebel Base, (7666)

As I looked over my LEGO Star Wars collection, I had never noticed the lack of Hoth sets. Until the newest sets were released it never crossed my mind that LEGO has been missing this important planet in the Star Wars universe. Now that they have begun to release Hoth battle sets, I keep imagining all the different Hoth sets yet to come.


Set 7666 is made up 548 pieces consisting of a snow speeder, rebel turret canon, rebel base entrance, and probe droid. While that sounds like a lot, I was hoping for more! When I heard rumors of a Hoth Base set was in production, my mind instantly thought of multiple rooms with great interior hallways. Sadly the only part of the base that is included is the Shield Doors with a small taste of the computer terminal room. The main part of the set is the Hoth base entrance. The doors are made up of gray bricks that are stacked in a unique way to allow each door to intersect with each other. At the top of each door is a small gear that allows you to open and close the doors without touching them.

The outside of the doors is mad up of white blocks with blue shades to make the appearance of snow. Inside the doors is a sampling of the base interior. Off to the left is a computer terminal with transparent displays and tool display. The other side is the “hanger” where the snow speeder sets. When docked there is a rotating repair crane that can remove the wing fins for repair.


The snow speeder is very close to the previously released speeder (set 4500) with a few minor changes. Gone are the beige color pieces, replaced with a light gray Also the wing fins are removable to reveal the inner workings of the speeder (in sticker form!). The cockpit fits two rebel pilot mini-figures somewhat comfortably (Luke and Dak are included). Each wing folds up and down for landing and flying modes.

Also included is an Imperial Droid. I wasn’t thrilled with the design of the droid. First, I think it feels too small. I also think it could use more legs and antenna. The Hoth base is also protected by a rotating turret canon. On one corner is the entrance to the canon. However, there is not even a computer terminal for them to operate, so the interior is nothing more than a place to hide.


The biggest positive this set has going for it is the mini-figures. Almost all the LEGO sets these days are packed with mini-figs. Luke and Dak mini figures along with two Hoth soldiers, and K-3PO (C-3PO’s cracker brother!) make up the Rebel force. Two Snowtroopers along with a canon make up the remaining included figures.

I was sadly a bit disappointed with the Hoth set. Mainly because of the lack of “Hoth Base.” A few years ago I reviewed an Exo Force Base set that was nothing more than a gate. That set was also a disappointment. The Rebel Shield doors are well designed, but with no Hoth Base interior they are nothing but a couple of doors.

I think this set could have been more if LEGO had axed the snow speeder The design is very similar to the previous speeder set. Cutting it out would have allowed for more of a base interior. My opinion of this set can easily be changed with future Hoth LEGO sets. Think of all the scenes that can be included. The medical ward with the bacta tank, Taun Taun patrol with Wampa cave, and a larger command Centrer with more than one computer.

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