LEGO Star Wars: Trade Federation MTT, (7662)

Sometimes it pays to wait. When The Phantom Menace was released, LEGO, produced a very poor version of the Trade Federation MTT. That set (7184) wasn’t very good. It easily fell apart. The tank also only carried a measly 6 droids. It’s nothing like the film version. I am rarely disappointed with LEGO sets, and the old MTT was right on top of that list.


Over the last two years, LEGO, has been re-releasing sets greatly improved. The MTT is probably the best of the redos. The droid carrier is a massive 1,326 piece set. Measuring at 16″ long, and 10″ wide, this is a massive strong structure. The bottom of the MTT now has wheels, allowing for better movement.

The front hatch opens up to deploy the droid army. On the left side of the MTT is a knob that you turn to move the interior carrier out of the front hatch. Unfortunately, LEGO couldn’t duplicate the exact way the Battledroids are released in the film. This set does now carry 16 droids. Ten more than the older set! On the carrier the droids are folded up into a “fetus position”, and placed on two separate levels. Each level holds 8 droids.


On the sides of the carrier are a series of hatches. The front side hatches open up to reveal the blaster weapons for the droids. On top is the cockpit that opens up from the top, and either side. The cockpit only allows for one battle droid to sit behind the carrier controls. You do have to lower his head for the hatch to completely close. The rear hatch opens up to release the Droid Scout Cruiser that carries weapons (note. weapons not in the picture) and a radar dish.

On either side of the MTT two large weapons. These guns provide a 360 degrees rotation for complete coverage. The sit at an angle on the sides of the MTT. While the look is nice, the weapons are rather weak. The slightest bump, and they will fall off. both sides of the tank.


As I stated earlier the MTT comes equipped with 16 battle droids in the interior carrier. Also included are 2 guard droids in blue, and 2 pilot droids in red. Also included, although not pictured, is a new destroyer droid.

What an amazing set. The new version of the MTT is much better than the previous version. This is a solid construction, almost indestructible set. Before the photos were taken I dropped the MTT with very minimal damage. That impressed me. Mostly because I didn’t have to build it again. It’s a very long build time, which is great. I don’t really have anything bad to say about this set. A 1,326 piece set, that provides a nice long construction time, and is just a fun set to work.

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