Marvel Legends Iron Man review

Classic Iron Man

Of all the early Marvel Legends figures, most of them have seen an update. Let’s face it, toys have come a long way in the last couple years. One of the latest to see an update was one of the most anticipated figures of the year, Iron Man.

Maria Hill is a talented spy, a skilled soldier, and a gifted battlefield commander, but as an administrator she leaves much to be desired. Appointed Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. after the disappearance of Nick Fury, she conflicted constantly with the soldiers under her command, and the Super Heroes with which she was forced to work. After the Super Hero Civil War, when Iron Man was asked to step into the directorship, she was all too happy to step down. As Director, Iron Man has applied his business skills to the administration of S.H.I.E.L.D., reinventing the organization as a sleek, responsive military/industrial machine.

I bought the figure on his lonesome off ebay, so no Maria Hill review. Now then. Iron Man. His popularity and fame have certainly risen in the last few years due to the 2008 film (and it’s upcoming sequel). The ML1 figure was in desperate need of an update, so there isn’t a better time to release a new figure based on his Classic Armor.


With the smooth designs and humanoid shape, it’d be pretty hard for Hasbro to screw up. And they didn’t fail us. The figure looks exactly like the Classic armor that adorned comic pages from the 60’s well into the 70’s, and has returned recently due to Stark’s downgrading. It’s easily the most popular armor, simply due to the fact that the armor had a lot of exposure. Anyone that heard of Iron Man in those early days would see the armor, and immediately recognize it today.

The sculpt, is, well, amazing. It looks like Tony stepped right off the comic pages. I always say simplicity is a good way to go, and Hasbro went that route. There is a smooth texture over the enire figure. That isn’t to say it’s featureless. Quite the contrary, in fact. The gloves and boots are ribbed, the uni-beam on the chest raised, and even hints of a furrowed brow sculpted into the helmet. The alternate Stark head is also great. The look is more modern than one would expect, but that’s further evidence Hasbro planned to release this when the Classic armor returned to the comic pages. Either way, it’s good. I’m seriously considering making castings of this and making interchangeable heads for all my Iron Men.


Speaking of interchangeables, Tony also includes two sets of hands. The “default” set is a right fist and a left “clutching” hand. I assume this is what most collectors will use in their displays, with the Tony head on and the helmet resting in the “clutching” hand. The “alternate” set is two repulsor beams, and while I got the helmet to fit into the left repulsor hand, it wouldn’t stay in very long. The slightest bump would knock it out. I have to admit while I’d prefer a second fist, I think the “clutching” hand works best.

The articulation is what we’ve come to expect in the two-packs: standard Toybiz articulation with ball joint wrists and ankles. The full list is: ball socket/hinged neck (interchangeable), ball-joint shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, ball-joint wrists (interchangeable), hinged torso, swivel waist, ball-joint hips (inserted at an angle, restricting movement a bit, but for better aesthetics), swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, and ball-joint ankles. Everything looks great and moves well, as should be. The ankles get a surprising range of motion for this type of joint, almost as much as a regular hinge. All in all, things look and move better than the ML1 figure, and actually better than many other Iron Men figures in the past.


The paint is where things go a little bit south. As you can tell in the pictures, the red is nice and metallic. That’s great. Very great. I can’t stress how much I love that shade of red. The yellow is where my complaints lie. It’s not metallic like the red, it’s just glossy yellow. I’m not a fan of glassy yellow. If the red weren’t metallic, it’d be better, but as it lies, it just looks out of place. Another nit I have to pick is the yellow on the lower arms and legs is a different color, due to being molded in red than painted, instead of just molded in color like the rest. It’s inevitable, and actually pretty unnoticeable on my figure. There’s also a variant out in his Stealth armor, swapping the red/yellow color scheme for a completely blue scheme. The variant has red eyes and mouth, but not a red uni-beam on the chest. Odd.

While I had my nits with the paint, this is a truly amazing figure. Anybody that likes Iron Man needs one, and even those who aren’t familiar should get one and familiarize themselves. It’s the figure of the year. Simple as that.


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