Mezco’s One:12 Batman and 2015 Toy Fair Display


Today is the twelfth anniversary of MillionairePlayboy’s lauch, so I’m starting off reviewing the One:12 Dark Knight Batman.

One of my favorite sights at the 2015 Toy Fair was Mezco’s One:12 Batman, based on Frank Miller’s Dark Knight series. Low and behold my persistence paid off and I was gifted the black and white version for being a loyal supporter of Mezco’s (This was my 14th Toy Fair). I was so inspired by the great look they captured, I took it into the studio and had a great time playing with the lighting and what not. Click below for some more pics of this amazing piece, as well as an overview of Mezco’s Toy Fair offering this year.


The main feature of this particular Batman action figure is the cloth batsuit over a highly articulated body. The suit and cape are the perfect textures for giving realistic folds and creases in any pose you can stick him in. I also like how stocky the body is. The joints move great, but they also hold their pose. There is a Batsignal base included, but it’s not necessary for most poses.


The number one word I associate with this figure is respect. In every aspect of the figure, from the interchangeable hands, to the soft goods costume, to detail in the paint and sculpt, you can tell Mezco’s artists truly respected both the source material, Frank Miller’s illustrations, as well as the collector. You can tell they have a love for Batman, and wanted to produce one of the very best Batman action figures ever. It’s great when you see an artist do what they truly love, and not just shit something out to fill a shipping container. This figure can stand on it’s own next to the DC Collectables Black & White Batman statues. It’s gorgeous.


Here’s all the goodies you get in the box. Four pairs of hands, including two hands holding four very sharp Batarangs, seriously, exercise caution or put this toy on a high shelf if you have small children. Both his waist and thigh utility belt are a great rubber, allowing some flexibility (and so you can really wedge the thigh belt where it belongs, though it may slip a little when posing) On one of the images below, notice there are triangle shaped patches of rubber on his cape. This subtle move allows the cape to take on natural creases when it’s hanging, helping the figure look more human size. I also like the grappling hook with real string, and the inclusion of an alternate head. Mezco also places a heavy weight zip close baggie to keep all these in if you stow your boxes elsewhere. It’s printed with One:Twelve on it as well.


I couldn’t stop photographing this guy, every pose begat something new. If you want to get your hands on one, you can wait for the blue and gray version coming out later this March. This black and white version was a SDCC/Toy Fair exclusive.


Don’t worry, there is another black and white version coming soon, just not this one.
You can check out all my Batman pics here.

Batman One:12

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Now let’s check out what else Mezco had on display at Toy Fair this year. I really liked their Mortal Kombat figures. They come with all kinds of great accessories, like swap-out hands with lightning attached, and of course, some great articulation and detail. This three-pack is due out in June for around $66.

Better Call Saul

I’ve enjoyed all of Mezco’s Breaking Bad based figures, but I really love the smarm that oozes from this Saul Goodman figure. Maybe that and I just got hooked on Better Call Saul the Breaking Bad spin-off. It’s better than I expected! This figure will be out in June for $18.


Also from Breaking Bad you better keep an eye on Gus Fring, and his exploded face variant. I can’t tell you which one will be harder to find, these both will be pretty popular. If only there was a national fried chicken chain that could run this as a Happy Meal premium.


I’ve always wanted a Chucky doll from Child’s Play, however I never wanted the scary face, or Frankenstein-esque repair job… I want the Good Guys version, so it looks like he comes alive when I’m sleeping. This one is about 15″ tall and comes out in October.


Ok, so check out my Mezco 2015 Toy Fair Gallery for more pics, including Sons of Anarchy, Dredd, Living Dead Dolls and Mez-Itz.

I love collecting toys, and photographing toys, and talking about toys, and Mezco seems to like to feed my beast. 2015 is looking to be a great year.

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