Millions of Peaches – POTUSA at 9:30 Club, D.C.

Chris Ballew

The Presidents of the United States of America made a triumphant return to the nation’s capital on Tuesday night at the 9:30 Club. Featuring their original self-titled album, played in its entirety, we all sang along to Kitty, Peaches, Lump, Naked & Famous, and more. Click below for more pics.

Chris Ballew gets input from the crowd

Attributed to the skyrocketing cost of raisins, the POTUSA had been forced from retirement and took to the stage after many years hiding in an undisclosed location. I love how their sound is fun, but it’s not eye-rollingly silly. It’s fun to sing along to the whimsical lyrics, but it’s still solid rock music at its heart. Andrew on his 3 string bass, and lead vocalist Chris with only 2 stings on his guitar are master shredders. It’s to the point, but it sounds great. This was an amazing show.

Chris Ballew

At first, I have to admit I was a bit confused as they started the show with nine songs I wasn’t familiar with. One of them, Monster Fingers, is due out on an upcoming album. That’s great and all, and I dig their sound, so I was going with the tunes, but they promoted this show ahead of time as run through of their original album. A little back history, waaaay back in the time of CDs, I bought this album my freshman year of college and it lived in my stereo. I know all of the songs from that album forward and backward, so I was very excited to attend a concert where I knew I’d know all the songs. I went to Nada Surf last year, and they didn’t play Popular, it was pretty disappointing. There’s something good about live music, but there’s something even better hearing stuff you know.

Chris Ballew

So after the first nine songs, they announced that they were worried people would want refunds and started up with Kitty, kicking off the segment where they played their entire self-titled album. And it was awesome. The entire audience sang along to every song. These guys didn’t look a day older than their ninja-fighting videos on MTV eighteen years ago. They did a great job of keeping the audience pumped up the whole show. And the audience’s age was mixed. I was surprised with the number of young kids, and a healthy dose of under-21 year olds present. When I saw Fatboy Slim last year, most of his audience was my age or a little younger, but don’t get me wrong, we had a blast. However POTUSA has found an audience with the next batch of kids, and good on em. I’m hoping they catch an additional round of success.

Andrew McKeag

Swing by their site to see when they’re coming to a town near you, and get on their mailing list for updates about their new music. If you know all the words to Lump, or dream of millions of Peaches, this is a thrill.

Look OUT!

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