Monster Jam’s Matt Cody

Blue Thunder

We got to chat with the driver of Blue Lightning, and winner of DC’s 2017 Freestyle Contest, Matt Cody. Monster Jam is headed to the Capital One Arena in Washington DC this weekend with three bone rattling shows. We’re happy to cheer on Matt, as he hails from Williamsport, MD, just up the road from the Capital Beltway. In fact Cody first fell in love with Monster Jam because his parents and grandparents would take him to the nearby Hagerstown Speedway on his birthday to watch all the monster truck action. Click below for the interview.

Blue Thunder

Through a friend, Matt started hanging with Hagerstown’s Mike Vaters and helped out with trucks Black Stallion and Iron Warrior. We didn’t know it at the time, but my family and I even caught Cody driving at the Montgomery County Fair a few times. After spending time helping with the Black Stallion crew, he graduated in 2011, and was asked to jump behind the wheel last minute. Now he drives Blue Thunder for Monster Jam. Last year we cheered on Cody as he won the Freestyle Contest here in DC. We can’t wait to see him wreck havoc on the dirt this weekend.

Quad racing

In addition to driving 10,000 lb Blue Thunder, Cody also races in the ATV and Speedster race portions. He says they’re a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. He admits that he’s not too easy on those speedsters and they usually need a bit more care when he’s done with them. In general, he recommends coming to the earlier shows, as there’s no telling how the bodies will fare by the end of the weekend.

We asked him about driving the trucks and getting pumped up. He tells us that though it may look like he’s getting tossed around, the driver’s seat has a five-point (or even seven-point) harness system keeping him safe. The hardest part is getting comfortable in the tiny space and getting his head aligned right. We wanted to know how he gets pumped when he’s not driving Blue Thunder. He admits that cranking the Blue Thunder theme song, AC/DC’s Thunderstruck gets his blood pumping whenever he hears it. I asked him where he’d want to take Blue Thunder to do some destruction in the DC area, and he said that he’d love to swing by the White House and give Trump one good show.

Monster Mutt Rottweiler

Cody says it’ll also be fun to compete with Rottweiler, driven by fellow Marylander Cory Snyder (and son of Illuminator’s Jay Snyder). Cody is excited about the Hybrid style dirt track and tells us to look out for stoppies (moving while upright on the front two wheels, then stopping), moonwalking, and reverse poppers (locking the front brakes and walking the truck in the wheelie position), all of which he’ll be trying to squeeze in there this weekend. It sounds like he’s ready to try and snag the Freestyle trophy again this year.

If you’re in the DC area check out Monster Jam this weekend at Capital One Arena. Tickets are still available. If you’re not in DC, you can swing by and see when the tour is coming to your city, and swing back to check out pics from this weekend’s show.

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