MOTU Origins Rise of Evil 2 Pack

It’s here! I got my interchangeable hands on the Target Exclusive Rise of Evil 2 Pack, featuring Keldor and Kronis, better known as Skeletor and Trap Jaw before their horrific transformations. I got a bunch of sweet pics and some thoughts below. Click to see more.
I’ll talk about the first issue a lot of people experienced, and that’s actually acquiring this set. The distribution on all Masters of the Universe Origins sets has been unreliable and frustrating, and being a Target Exclusive did not help. But low and behold, using 3rd party stock websites, I was able to find one. Between getting this and the flocked Panthor, my success came in being overly polite and low-key to the employees who were working the toy section. Being a pain in the ass won’t really make anything easier for you or the collector community on the whole. And speaking of the collector community, I refuse to support scalpers. I refuse to spend more than retail no matter the itch, and I get the itch HARD. I drove to 6 WalMarts in 2 days to find Panthor. And I still didn’t. It was the following weekend’s toy run that finally netted it for me. We are adults and can make our own decisions, just don’t force someone to question whether or not you are an adult. I found both flocked Panthor and this two-pack to be totally worth it, at shelf retail price. I am very glad I didn’t pay higher prices, that would have definitely impacted my overall impressions. Alright, enough griping from me, let’s rip this bad boy two pack open.
Let’s take a look at Keldor. I present him here side by side with Origins Skeletor so you can see the differences. Keldor’s chest armor is a darker purple and the bat is painted. He has a cape, and I’ll point out it’s a different cape all together from Origins Scare Glow. He has wrist cuffs, and both his left and right hands are weapons gripping. As you know, you can swap out the hands, but I gotta hand it to Mattel, I’m glad to have another gripping left hand, on hand. (sorry) Also notice the nice boots. They’re not He-Man style barbarian boots or Skeletor’s traditional demon style boots.
You also get a half green-purple power sword (COMPLETE! Not half of an interlocking sword like the ones that come with He-Man or Skeletor) and a half green-purple havoc staff. But let me tell you, my absolute favorite accessory is the new Skeletor head. It’s my favorite Skeletor head yet!
Visually speaking, the Rise of Evil 2 Pack exclusive Skeletor head is the best looking. I love the complete hood that goes under his chin, the red jewel eyes, and the expressionless face. I didn’t hate the basic Origins Skeletor head, it was a fine update. And the Battle Armor Skeletor heads with a frown and a smile have come in handy, but their eyes are too small. This latest head just looks more “terrifying” if that’s the right word. The lack of expression makes it a bit less cartoony. Anyway, be prepared, this may be the Skeletor head I use in photos moving forward. It reminds me of the original comic illustrations, and closer to the vintage toy.
Here is Kronis. I had this idea late at night and had to figure out how to do it right. I wanted to highlight the transition and the origin of the character. The only downside to this composition is that Trap Jaw’s robot arm is on his right (our left), however traditionally we present before-and-after photos with the Before on the left side. But if I did that, you’d see two “human” arms and miss half the transformation.
Anyway, I thought it would look sick.
I enjoy this Kronis figure, the face is expressive, and I like his weapon (a black version of the blaster rifle from the Castle Grayskull weapons rack). But I feel like Mattel could’ve included one more accessory for his transition to Trap Jaw. Maybe a sweet updated head, like the Skeletor one. Ooh, or maybe a rudimentary/temporary arm you could pop on (like Phantom Menace C3-PO). One weird decision is that on the back of Kronis’s armor there are notches to, presumably, hang Trap Jaw’s attachments, however he doesn’t come with any of them, and the rifle does not attach there. I’m wondering if something was planned, and then pulled at the last minute to save money.
My final verdict is that I’m over-joyed with the Keldor/Skeletor portion of this 2-pack, and slightly left wanting a bit more with the Kronis figure. I’m glad it was a 2-pack, it works really well together, and I doubt I would have tracked down Kronis if he was a single figure (unless he came with a new Trap Jaw head or
in-progress weapon attachments.) I’m very glad I got this set at retail price. From what I’m hearing, if you’re still hunting, hold out just a little longer before succumbing to the scalper prices online. Keep an eye on its page on and stay tuned for more MOTU Origins reviews! See the gallery below for more pics.

Rise Of Evil 2 Pack

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