My favorite Cosplay from the 2015 AwesomeCon


Ok dude, first off, your girl pal here is beautiful, and she’s dressed up, and you’re not! Internet high-five for finding a keeper.

Truth be told, if I took a picture of someone’s cosplay, it really impressed me. I’ve got 130 cosplay pics below, but first I wanted to highlight some of my more noteworthy favorites before giving you the whole gallery. Click to see what really stood out, and stay tuned for the massive gallery at the end. Tweet us @MillionairePb if you find yourself!


I spotted this Dread Pirate Robers with Buttercup and I had to get their photo. I politely asked for permission, and they said “sure!” Then I got mad and told them they should have said As you wish! and they blew the joke and should quit nerdom forever.


Wow, I saw this Baymax on the other side of the convention hall and had to run over and grab a shot. I’m not sure if it’s a pro-made suit, or just really well done. I have been working on a Baymax costume with an inflatable Chub Suit, but this one that utilizes an internal frame, pulled it off much better. This looked like a pro-sports mascot up close. Impressive, but the limited vision and mobility required a “handler” to get around.


I saw quite a bit of Mad Max inspired cosplay, and several (but not as many as typical) gender-swap concepts. This one was the best Mad Max and the best gender-swap costume of the weekend. Kudos.


These hand-crafted Lego mini-fig Avengers were one of my, and my son’s absolute favorites. There was actually a Black Widow and Loki (see their pics in the gallery) but I could not fit all of them in one shot. I ran into a guy wearing a “crappy Hulk” costume a few hours later (green sweatshirt, tattered purple pants, no green paint whatsoever. Like the Sweded version of Hulk and wanted his pic. He told me he was the guy inside the Lego Hulk, so I didn’t take his pic.


Here is another gender-swap pair. I really like the female Rocket Racoon & Star Lord because they look great, not because they were trying to do a slutty version of Rocket. That would have probably confused and disgusted me. There was a lot of effort and commitment into pulling this off, and was one of my favorites.


Great Wayne and Garth couple’s outfit. I love cosplay that is subtle in execution, yet appropriately accurate. Their reaction lead me to believe that I was one of the first that recognized them. This demonstrates AwesomeCon’s attendees seem to represent more pop culture fans, than strictly comic related characters.


I don’t know if you’re watching Orphan Black (you should) but this Helena was amazing. The costume was not very hard to put together (I assume) but her execution of the persona and mannerisms was done perfectly, and she was going to town on that Jell-O cup. Very impressive!


Doc! Doc! It’s 2015! Yes, that’s me on the left, wearing my 2015 Marty McFly costume. I don’t know this Doc Brown fan personally, we just happened to run into each other, again. This time when we met up, an instant crowd of camera phones popped up and we were interviewed for the Museum of Science Fiction. The other cool part from wearing this jacket was all the people who would constantly shout out to me “What are you, chicken, McFly?” and I’d turn around and scream NOBODY calls me Chicken!!. My son loved this. He tried calling me chicken a few times.


Here’s another unexpected team up. This fantastic looking movie era Michelangelo was trying to walk around (he never got very far because everyone wanted his picture), when out of the blue Shredder showed up with some ooze. There was almost a rap battle right in front of our eyes.


This guy actually stopped me to get a pic of my Marty McFly jacket, and I was like “Holy crap, are you Kung Fury?!” I know the trailer came out awhile back, but the 30 minute feature popped up on Friday. So I don’t know if he was able to pull together a great looking Kung Fury in a day, or had been planning for an ultra-obscure reference for months.


I didn’t see too many mash-ups this time around, but this one was clever enough. It’s Wreck-It Ralph and Venelope as Joker and Harley. It works, I recognized them instantly.

Adjusting the ole boob tape

I asked these girls, who were in the midst of perfecting their boob-tape placement, if I could take a respectfully modest photo over their shoulder. Ever since I’ve started shooting for a local NBC affiliate, I’ve been focusing on trying to find great behind-the-scenes type photos of fleeting moments that tell much more of a story than the posed snapshots. Like this photo of a Miss DC contestant getting her britches adjusted before her big performance. I also got a few photos of cosplayers getting selfies with each other.


This was by far the best Slave Leia of the handful (heh heh) we saw this weekend. She looked especially confident. Ready to take on the entire Empire herself.

2015 Awesome Con

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