Playmobil – Cat Scratch Tree (4347)

playmobil_4347_01.jpg writer Mr. Stinkhead is the resident Playmobil expert on staff. He reviews countless Playmobil sets each year. Once in a while, however,  I feel the need to review a Playmobil set. I couldn’t pass up the amazingly cute Cat Scratch Tree (set 4347) or as I refer to it as the “Kitty Condo” set. Ok, yes i said cute! I’m a cat person. There is nothing better when my cat “allows” my lap to be a place for her to sleep.


The set comes equipped with six kittens  (2 white, 2 gray, 2 orange) to run and climb all over the cat tree. My only negative complaint is that I want more kitties. You can contact the Playmobil parts deparment and order all the cats and kittens you want! The scratch tree has three open platforms, one covered platform, and a hole for the kittys to sleep in. The set also includes two Playmobil children to befriend the kittens with a bowl for water. The Cat Scratch Tree set also includes a basket to transport the cats to the Vet.  More on that in a future review.

Playmobil’s designers have the ability to create small adorable animal sets, and this one is easily my favorite.


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