Playmobil Lighthouse Fortress, (4294)

This fortress is pretty sweet. I’ve always liked the “land” playsets that playmobil have provided for their Pirate theme. I have the French prison, I’ve lusted after the Paradise Island, but this year we got something completely new. The lighthouse fortress isn’t just a lighthouse (even though it’s a nice one) it also has a great deck for shooting cannons, and two different jail cells for locking up wayward pirates. There’s a nice dock, some beautiful stairs, and the fire actually lights up and flickers (2 AAA batteries not included).


Not only is it a beautiful lighthouse on it’s own, but it’s a great piratey playset. Jails, cannons, a dock for tying up the boats…but I also love all of the little touches, such as the ladder leading up to the top deck, the swinging arm with pulley and attached jug, the “secret passage” in the rocks, and the trap door in the second level room. I love the carved stone bricks giving the whole thing a wonderful texture. One detail that they could have gotten away with skipping (but is a wonderful addition) are the carved benches in the prison area. They’re pirate prisoners! Make em sleep on the floor! But no, they have “cots” carved into the stone foundation for the prisoners to sleep on.

There’s also a lot of foliage, if you’re into that type of thing. I like the ivy going up the side and all of the little cacti and palm trees that dot the “sand.” Speaking of sand, one of my favorite subtle details is the way the sand is piling up against the one end of the stairs. Though it’s really hard plastic, it’s got the fluidity of sand.


Overall this set is pretty awesome. It’s a great set by itself, it would look natural in any maritime playmobil display, pirates or not. It’s not just a companion piece to the big mamma pirate ship. And at first you’re thinking, a lighthouse? That’s not a load of fun, but it really is a fortress, with a jail, and cannon deck. This is a beautiful compliment to the pirate ship, yet is also a strong stand-alone playset. You can pick up this set at your favorite local toy store or

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