Playmobil Raft with Octopus (4291)


This pirate raft has a tattered sail, some strapped down treasure, two ragged pirates, a handful accessories, and the coolest octopus I’ve ever seen. You may be familiar with the miniature, color-changing Octopus from earlier sets. This one dwarfs that little thing, at a massive 8 inches in diameter. Big and angry, this black octopus has sculpted suckers under each of his tentacles, but wait, there’s a surprise! His head hides a bulb, you can soak up and then squirt water out of his lead tentacle. Making him and the raft perfect for bath time as well.


I particularly like how these are the most worked-over pirates I’ve ever seen. The one has bags under his eyes, their clothes are torn, they’re looking like they’ve spent a few weeks stranded out to sea. I like the rubber straps that easily keep their treasure chest secured. It’s tight enough to keep it in place, but loose enough you can stick other random swords or rum bottles in between the chest an the band. There are also a few of the clear plastic tabs that playmobil has added for displaying your playmo. I like how they equally address the collector and the child at play with their additions.


When it comes down to it, the octopus is amazing. He looks like he can really do some damage, even to the large pirate ship below. I liked the earlier raft, however. Playmobil had a raft with really defined logs, this one, the sculpt looks kind of “mushed” which I suppose helps with the strapping, but in the long run I prefer their older raft design. Also, there is no groove on the bottom to attach the motor boat. I like that I can attach that one motor to multiple boats (or buy multiple motors and have races) but this one is missing out. You can pick up this set at your favorite local toy store or on

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