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We recently got our hands on the playmobil travel dungeon. This handy playset doubles as a carry case, so it’s perfect for taking along on the go, and it keeps all the pieces together. Check out my pics and handy review below.

4776_06We are a on a Playmo-Pirate kick right now. My son and I enjoy watching the interactive DVD (read our review) and I just picked up a bunch of the Ghost Pirates (review coming soon!), so we were thrilled to receive the Travel Pirate Dungeon to test out.

One of the big complaints parents have about playmobil is all of the tiny accessories and how easily they can be lost. Instead of skimping out on accessories, playmobil provides better ways to store the pieces so they don’t get lost as easily. By now you’ve seen the travel cases (that look like slim tackle boxes or briefcases) that come with one playmo figure and a bunch of pieces. These sets take it a step further and turn the carrying case into something the kids can play with.

4776_03The rock like dungeon has a drawbridge style door that will latch closed and stay closed for travel. The two pirates, glow-in-the-dark skeleton, firing cannon, and assorted weapons will stay locked inside. There is a “natural” handle for the child to carry it around. (As opposed to a suitcase handle that pops out)

When the kid gets to Grandma’s or wherever they simply pop open the door, remove the figures and can start playing. I dig that there is no set-up really, it’s ready to play. The door latches closed pretty tightly, you don’t have to worry about the door flopping open when you least expect it.

4776_08The pirates are nice, they’re not just some re-issue from an existing set (that I can tell anyway) I’ve never had the guy with the bandage around his eye rather than a patch, and you get a bald pirate if you haven’t gotten one yet. The clip-on rubber monkey is a nice touch. You get some swords, and the cannon actually fires. Plus you can use the carrying case as a dungeon or a fort for these pirates. I like how there is plenty of room to bring along extra pirates and accessories from sets you may already own.

4776_09There’s only one downside, and it’s that playmobil sets the bar so high on it’s other sets… almost every single playmobil playset I’ve ever gotten my hands on had at least one WOW action feature. You’d be playing with it, soaking in how cool the whole things is and then all of sudden KA-POW (right in the kisser) you discover a trap door, or some cool minute detail you didn’t know about. So when I got this dungeon set, I thought “This is awesome!” and looked it over for that extra wow factor, but didn’t find it. So don’t get me wrong, it’s a great playset that works as a reliable carrying case. The playmobil engineers probably had to minimize any crazy features to make sure it worked as a carrying case that would not pop open in the car.

This set is great for giving to the kids on way out the door before a long trip away from their collection (I would have loved this as a kid), and I’m happy to see their success with travel cases and other means of storing all these figures and pieces.

There’s also 4775- Knight’s Take Along Tower (with 2 knights and a working cannon) and 4777 the Unicorn Take Along Castle. These sets are available now from Mom and Pop type toy stores and online at

for about $13.

Check out the rest of our playmobil coverage, and stay tuned for more reviews throughout the year.

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