Playmobil’s own show, Super 4, now on Netflix


Playmobil has always prided itself on never producing toys of licensed entertainment properties. The Brandst├Ątter family always wanted to capture children’s imaginations with a “blank slate” – no embedded characters or storylines. While LEGO and others are making sets of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and The Avengers; Playmobil was doing knights, samurai, and ancient Romans. However, kids these days and more importantly, the parents buying the toys, do want something familiar, and Playmobil needed to respond.

Instead of lowering their standards and making figures of the latest kids show, Playmobil decided to produce an all original kids show, featuring Playmobil toys, and utilizing the vast worlds that Playmobil has been developing for decades. I think it’s a fine compromise, and an interesting direction that maintains Playmobil’s philosophical integrity, while also evolving for today’s marketplace. Whoa whoa whoa… everyone knows I’m the biggest American champion for Playmobil, am I going too easy on them? Absolutely not! My seven year old son and I have watched most of the season of shows now available on Netflix streaming, and we’re hooked!


First off, Super 4 refers to the four main characters. Each character represents one of the popular Playmobil worlds, and the show visits them frequently. Gene is a Secret Agent, Ruby is a brave female pirate, Alex is a worthy knight, and Twinkle is a fairy. There’s also the side-kick/mascot named Alien, who’s a Snarf-Orko hybrid type thing. Each has their own personality, and the worlds they visit are fully realized. Ever-so-strategically, Playmobil has found a way to bring these four themes together, and cleverly makes the entire Playmobil line, compatible. Their main vehicle is the Chameleon, which can transport between each of the worlds, and disguise itself as necessary. Gene has loaded it up with gadgets and defenses, and it serves as the main bridge between each of the worlds.


We like how there’s magic present in the fairy world, and technology and logic in the future world. I like how Gene gets frustrated trying to understand magic when getting zapped by fairies, and Alex the knight has a hard time figuring out what to think about robots in the future world. The show’s story lines often deal with one person having a certain strength, and another person possessing other strengths, so that its clear that operating as a team is the best course for solving the problem at hand. There is a lot of patience and understanding demonstrated, but all the while it’s a lot of fun to watch. I am a huge fan of the Playmobil design aesthetic, and the show has done a great job of keeping everything looking like it fits. Yes, it’s taken me a little while to get used to the new eyes, but a lot of respect is paid to the original Playmobil design rules.

As far as equality goes, boys and girls both love this show. We’ve had some girl friends over in the 3-6 age range and they love it just as much. I think it helps that though indeed perfectly planned out, the female characters are not token women added for some PC checklist. Ruby the pirate and Twinkle the fairy bring fair amounts of strengths (and weaknesses) to the plot, and the dynamic between the characters.


I feel like Netflix is a great platform for kids’ viewing. We can set it up and watch one or two episodes on Saturday morning. Each 24 minute episode features two complete stories. Or you can marathon it when your kid has step throat like we did. Hopefully… kids see this show and then want to get the playsets and characters from the show, which then leads them to think about even more Playmobil toys. That would be perfect. If you were worried that this was just a season long commercial for a bunch of toys, well, come on. But it’s a really well done commercial. My son and I found the story lines to be fun and engaging, we like the characters, and visually it’s fantastic. There’s a lot of texture built in, so even on our big screen TV, it looks fluid and sharp.

We’re hoping to nab some Super 4 toys when they come out, and we’ll review those as well. In the meantime, watch the brief trailer below, and if you have Netflix streaming, go ahead and get started! I really like the episode where Ruby highjacks a robot motorcycle race. And my son likes the one where the pirates are turned into rabbits. It’s a fun show!

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