Q&A, with Diamond Select Toys on the future of Star Trek

Art Asylum posted a new blog entry with DST Chuck answering fans questions on the future of the Star Trek line. I learned a few things from the Q & A.

  • Voyager is not a priority with buyers. They haven’t started the line yet so nothing has been determined.
  • The DS9 line probably won’t expand to include a  Garak figure.
  • We won’t be seeing any further figures from Star Trek Enterprise (ed. note: Good)
  • No TNG Role Play items
  • No DS9 station, but possibly the Defiant, Borg Cube, and Excelsior
  • The Duras sisters, Lursa and B’Etor figures have been considered
  • No plans for a Guinan or Tasha Yar figure. They are considering it though

I’m really sad to hear that there hasn’t been much interest in DS9, and from the sound of it they may not do much with Voyager. We have seen the new 7 of 9 figure so there is always hope.

I love what they have done with the Star Trek TNG line. I was also excited to hear that they are still considering a Guinan and Tasha Yar figures. Please give us these figures to complete the collection!

You can read the entire Q & A over at Art Asylum

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