Review: 3 on 3 NHL Arcade for the 360

So recently I dusted of the good ol’ 360 and hooked her back up to the internet where she belongs. Figured I would grab something off the marketplace to play for a while.

First off, here’s where I stand on purchasing video games. I really only buy video games that either a) I have highly been anticipating, or b) Have the ability to play them over and over without getting too old. Games with storylines like Gears of War 2 that I play once and don’t really do much afterward are great for the Gamefly queue.

So back to my neglected 360. I was referred by a buddy of mine to pick up the 3 on 3 NHL Arcade game. Man, this game could not be more fun, from theĀ  sound effects in the menus (which sound like some guy just picked up a microphone and decided to make grunting sounds), huge heads and pure chaos that ensues.

So as it says in the title, the game is 3 on 3 and includes some of the leagues premiere players like Crosby, Malkin, Chara, Brodeur. Each player (except goalies) have different attributes that they are known for. They include, fast, strong, and all around. It’s fairly obvious as to what means what there, so I wont go into detail.

The game itself is a no-rules backyard style of hockey played by the pros. Pick how many goals you want to play to and have at it. Could take 1 period or 15, when picking 5-20 goals needed for the win the time length is really up to you. You are free to trip people and rough them up. In fact, you are urged to hit people as hard as you can. Yes, that includes the goalie, what kind of no-rules game would it be if you couldn’t? When you hit someone well enough, they will drop one of 8 different power-ups included in the game. They will do anything from shrink or enlarge your goalie, give you super speed, or a super powerful shot. All of the power-ups make the game that much more enjoyable.

The controls are pretty easy to pick up and play right from the get go, the left joystick skates and the buttons do your shooting, passing, checking, spinning, trick shots, switching players and the right joystick is used to deke out the goalie or other players.. It’s very similar to any other hockey game out there.

You get achievement points for scoring multiple goals with each of the power-ups, dishing out a shut out, or for even checking people over the boards. Combine that with the online play and you have certainly got yourself a game that you can play over and over for hours on end (believe me, I’ve done it). And for 800 points I consider it a steal.

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