Rob Zombie in DC

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Photos and words by Joshua Hoover

They stood in the cold, long line that wrapped around the block, waiting to get in as soon as doors opened to snag the perfect view. The crowd lined the rails and zealously guarded their spots on the floor. All faces were aglow with excitement. They ranged from kids as young as 6 to the most hardcore of grandparents.

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They all gathered for a rare pre-Thanksgiving treat; to see Rob Zombie in an intimate club setting. He has spent the last few years in arena shows. That night Zombie blew up the stage at the 930 Club. His first three songs got everyones blood pumping with “Dead City Radio”, “Superbeast”, and “Scum of the Earth”. He turned an already pumped crowd up to 11. The crowd roared and begged for more. Zombie mentioned he didnt know how to do club shows anymore but that wouldn’t stop them from pouring on the energy and fun. While the excited fans tossed around a bunch of big balloons, Zombie turned up the heat with a mix of his classics and a great cover of “American Band”. He never stopped interacting and connecting with the crowd.

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At one point he crowd surfed through one song and at another he walked right through the fans during the guitar solo. The energy was amazing, the crowd pumped it out and Zombie blasted it right back at them. As he rolled into “Never Gonna Stop”, they continued to mosh and dance and scream its approval. Chants of “Zombie, zombie, zombie” rocked the rafters before his last song “Dragula.” For a man who doesn’t do club shows anymore, Rob Zombie proved that a big act can bring the intensity and passion to a small stage big enough for any arena show. The crowd left 930 sweaty, panting, and with big smiles. Thanks to RZ for getting us to burn some calories before the next days big feast.

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