Some Nights are FUN.

Nate Ruess and Jack Antonoff

Just barely a week after their rousing Inauguration concert here in DC, FUN played a sold out show at D.A.R. last night. The energy was high and the fists were pumping. Click below for more pics!

Jack Antonoff

They started their show playing Out on the Town with large black drapes hiding the stage. They projected 8bit style city lights on the drapes as the crowd sang along. Then they burst into Some Nights and the drapes went up and the band was revealed. The original members; Nate on vocals, Jack on bass and Andrew on keys, were pounding away and rocking out to every song as if this were there first big concert. But it’s not, they’ve been touring heavily for the last year, as evident by their confident command of the stage. Their enthusiasm however, lit up the auditorium and had people bumping and swaying all night.

FUN. at D.A.R.
There were cameras set up all over the stage broadcasting unique angles of the band on the various video screens. Frequently they’d point the cameras at the audience, really making us a part of the show. I like the 8bit treatments they cycled through, giving it an abstract feel. It would take a second or two to realize what you were looking at each time. The absolute best was the lava/ slow motion fire playing during We Are Young. It was obvious, but oh so effective.

Nate Ruess

The show was a pure blast. Between everyone singing/yelling in unison, Nate running all over the stage and pumping his fists in the air (constantly) and Jack rocking out like a true bass god, they really had us feeling like we (sigh) set the world on fire.

Tune in to hear FUN playing at the Grammys on Sunday February 10th. Check out Our Name is Fun, their official web site for more info and tour dates, and see the rest of my images below.

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