Steel City Con, April 2009

Anthony Daniels Meeting C3PO from the Steel City Con

I attended the Steel City Con Toy Show this weekend. Anthony Daniels was the special guest signing autographs and memoribillia for fans. I must say he is very into talking with the fans. A few times he walked around the line and had conversations with people.


During the signing he stepped out into the show and posed for pictures of the fan made C3PO costume. It took a little over two hours in line to meet Mr. Daniels. Normally I would say that the wait was not worth it, but he took the time to greet each fan. Nice touch.

Sandi Taylor putting on Mick Foley's belt

Wrestler Mick Foley was also at the show signing next to Anthony Daniels. At one point Sandi Taylor tried on his championship belt. It’s hard to believe that Sandi is 42 years old. She is stunning in person.

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