Sweet Cosplay Pics from the 2019 Baltimore Comic Con


Woo hoo! Has it been 20 years? The Baltimore Comic Con just celebrated its 20th anniversary. We had a great time, got a great haul and got lots of pics of cosplay. Can you guess what character/title we saw the most of? Check out this super-sized Lord Business, he won first place in the costume contest. Click below for our big gallery!


We saw a decent number of Jokers, clearly more Joaquin era over other Jokers (we usually see tons of comic book style Jokers) but the new movie had a big influence on fans this year. I was expecting a bit more actually, but they all looked great. This Joker photobomb kinda sums it up a bit! It seemed like after Suicide Squad absolutely everyone was Harley Quinn, so I was expecting a similar wave of Jokers, but I guess we saw about 4 or 5. Check them out in the gallery below.


We also saw a lot less Star Wars than typical. I’m wondering if the final Rise of Skywalker trailer had come out last week there would have been a bit more buzz? It was a lot of Vader and Rey, and a few Kylo Rens. If you look in the gallery I believe there is a Kylo who modded his helmet to have the repaired helmet that we saw in the trailer.


If you guessed we saw more Spider-Man more than any other single character, you were right. We saw tons of Spideys. There was a sweet Miles Morales (above), classic Spideys, Avengers-era Spideys, Comic Spideys, and tons of Spider-Gwens. I love the Spider-Gwen costume and there were many other fans here in Baltimore as well. It seems that Into the Spider-Verse had a lasting impact on the fans.


Rick Moranis team-up! Here is Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors with the Keymaster himself, Louis Tulley/Vinz Clortho and a minature Ghostbuster. There were not a lot of Ghostbusters walking around. We’re used to seeing quite a few more. Too many people asked if Vinz was from Honey I Shrunk the Kids. SMH.

This was a fantastic year for the con. There was a huge marathon going on outside, which slowed down some of the crowd, but by the afternoon, things were pumpin’. I personally picked up a huge stack of vintage MAD Magazines, and my son scored some powerful Pokemon cards. There were lots of Funko Pops, Lego minifigures and vintage toys to be had. I probably spent a lot more money than I should have, but we had a great time.

Did you know Jim Lee was on hand Saturday? The number of comic artists and writers that make an appearance can check a lot of your autograph needs off your list. Make sure we see you there next year.

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