The Aurors Needs to Be Real

IGN has put together this year, “I wish it was real April Fools Joke.” I can easily see this becoming an amazing show.

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Hot Wheels Wonder Woman Invisible Jet

Hot Wheels joined in on the April Fools Day gags with the announcement of the Hot Wheels Wonder Woman Invisible Jet on their Facebook page.

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Tauntaun Steaks

The April Fools Day Jokes have started. First up, Things From Another World are selling Tauntaun steaks for $65000.00. That may sound like a lot, but its 35% off!!!! No word if they are cut using a lightsaber.

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ThinkGeek April Fools Joke is Really Cool. TaunTaun Sleeping Bag

Every year websites around the internet post April Fools Day jokes or fake news. We here at would never participate in this unprofessional journalism. However, this year ThinkGeek’s joke is way to cool not to be real. The Star Wars TaunTaun sleeping bag needs to be produced. My favorite part is the intestines print on the lining.

Check out ThinkGeek’s other April Fools Day products.

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