Mega Construx Castle Grayskull

With the current at-home situation, I got inspired to check out the Mega Construx Castle Grayskull. At 3500+ pieces it was a little daunting. The $250 price tag also made it prohibitive, but I managed to snag it for $85 on sale online. With all the pics I had seen online, and the fun I heard from others, I jumped at the chance. This thing is full of detail and play features. It was a ton of fun to put together, and now that it’s done, my son and I are having fun playing with it too. Check out the details, and a sweet time-lapse video of the build.

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Plus-Plus Building System: Farm Animals


We’ve been a fan of Plus-Plus building blocks for several years. Ever since I picked up a small box a the National Building Museum giftshop, my son frequently busts out the container and starts building. The innovation of Plus-Plus’s design is that every piece is the same. We’ve gathered different color collections over the years, but we’ve never had building instructions or specific plans in mind. This latest set comes with preselected colors so you can build your favorite farm animals.

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Transformers Constructbots

My son and I got to check out two of the new Transformers Constructbots from Hasbro. They’re on sale at Toys R Us right now too.

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