Masters of the Universe Origins: Wave 2

Whew. Did you think we’d ever get here? It was a tough start, but now the collection is going full steam. Let’s catch up for a minute and look at Wave 2. That’s Orko, Man E Faces, Trap Jaw, and Scare Glow. I’ve got more pics of em all below. Check it out! …continue reading Masters of the Universe Origins: Wave 2

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Toys R’ Us Needs Your Help!


According to this news report WalMart’s out for blood

It’s a shame too, since TRU is the only big-box store to carry things like Hellboy, Minimates, and others that may be lost. So, how do we stop this? Easy we stop shopping at WalMart. You could also throw eggs at their corporate offices (road trip to Arkansas!) Kidding.

Joking aside, we should show Geoffrey Giraffe our support. Yes, things are cheaper at WalMart, but if you can, go to Toy R’ Us instead. They know what their talking about, there aren’t any boxes scattered about, and the employees are much nicer.

In another news story Toys R Us is opening up 80 temporary stores to help the Holiday Shopping season battle.

Toys R Us is expected to announce Tuesday that it will open 80 temporary stores next month in shopping centers across the country, an aggressive maneuver by a company that just a few years ago was nursing its wounds after a brutal price war with Wal-Mart. This season, the retailer seems determined to take the offensive. It will also open toy shops in more than 260 of its Babies R Us locations and has bought the rights to its defunct rivals KB Toys and FAO Schwarz.

WalMart took all the other competition out. Let’s not let ’em win. Collectors Unite!

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