Countdown is on for 2016 Baltimore Comic Con

Less than a week to go until the 2016 Baltimore Comic Con at the Baltimore Convention Center. We’re excited to check it out. We have our cosplay ready, our lists of wants and needs. And what’s this? 60 New Guests were just announced! Click below to check out the list, and find out how you can grab passes and see our pics.

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2016 AwesomeCon Wrap Up


AwesomeCon was last weekend and we’re still catching our breath. This year we were able to check it out on Friday and Sunday and we scored a mighty haul and got loads of pics of awesome cosplay. I loved this Ajax (Francis) and Johnny Bravo. We have a write-up and a huge gallery below. Check it out!

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Baltimore Comic Con is Sept 2-3-4 2016

The Baltimore Comic Con is coming to the Baltimore Convention Center in just under a month (Sept 2-3-4), get your tickets now! Kevin Eastman is the guest of honor, but there are tons of comic and pop culture guests on the docket. Honestly I’m excited for Saturday’s panel with MAD Magazine Fold-In Artist Al Jaffee.
We have loved covering the Baltimore Comic Con the last few years, check out our prior years coverage including tons of cosplay.

Click on over and get your tickets now!

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2016 AwesomeCon Cosplay


AwesomeCon took place in Washington DC this past weekend and we saw tons of sweet cosplay. Lots of Force Awakens and a lot of Dr. Who. My son and I were Garbage Pail Kids Adam Bomb and TeeVee Stevie. Click below for our massive gallery!

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2015 New York Comic Con Cosplay pics!


Tomorrow is Back to the Future II day! October 21, 2015!
Anyway, we had a blast at the 2015 New York Comic Con, and we got tons of pics and saw some great cosplay. Click below for more pics!

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Taking your kid to AwesomeCon


Convention season is just getting started. Yes, it’s a nerd-haven of discounted comics and hard to find toys. Throw in some celebrities and tons of like-minded fans dressing up in Cosplay, and hitting a convention can be a rewarding experience. But what about the little ones, you ask. I’ve actually found my convention experience has been upgraded since my son has been old enough to join me. We just hit DC’s AwesomeCon two days in a row earlier this month and I want to tell you how it went down taking a kid to a convention.
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My favorite Cosplay from the 2015 AwesomeCon


Ok dude, first off, your girl pal here is beautiful, and she’s dressed up, and you’re not! Internet high-five for finding a keeper.

Truth be told, if I took a picture of someone’s cosplay, it really impressed me. I’ve got 130 cosplay pics below, but first I wanted to highlight some of my more noteworthy favorites before giving you the whole gallery. Click to see what really stood out, and stay tuned for the massive gallery at the end. Tweet us @MillionairePb if you find yourself!

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2015 Awesome Con is here! (Cosplay pics)


We’re covering AwesomeCon in Washington DC this weekend. I popped over to get a handful of pics today, but we’re going again tomorrow and Sunday to cover even more of the action. So stay tuned to the gallery below as I add pics all weekend. Or better yet, get off your duff and come down and experience the show for yourself at the Washington Convention Center. Click below for the gallery.

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Awesome Con is coming, get your passes now!

R2-D2 (left) with Slave Leia

Awesome Con is returning to the Washington Convention Center on May 29-31st and we can’t hardly wait. This is our favorite pop culture event of the year. And have you seen the line-up of guests?? Shatner, Takei, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Dr. Who, not to mention all the comic artists and television personalities. Also if you have kids, bring ’em. Kids under 10 are free, and there is a whole slate of activities in the Kid Zone.

Get your tickets now to avoid lines at the door. Be sure to check out the VIP and Photo packages before you get there.

We’ll see you there! Check out our coverage from last year.

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2014 NYCC Part 2!


This year’s NYCC featured some amazing collectibles and announcements. Hasbro used the opportunity to give a first look at their new Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Legends Infinite Series and even a Quinjet for collectors to drool over until spring 2015. Hasbro also announced an expansion of their exquisite 6-inch Star Wars: Black Series brand with new figures featuring: Commander Cody, Leia in her bounty hunter disguise, Emperor Palpatine, Yoda, IG-88 and both Luke and Han in stormtrooper disguises. The 3.5-inch Black Series will also see new members with the release of Han Solo in Carbonite, Jawas, Luke in his Hoth outfit and a smaller version of Leia in her bounty hunter disguise.

Bandai America Incorporated brought a NYCC exclusive 6.5” tall Godzilla based on the the recent movie starring Bryan Cranston. They were a hot item with only 500 pieces and fans were definitely lined up each day for the limited run. Bandai also featured several collectibles for the Power Rangers fan including a set of 5 ranger keys with Tommy Oliver. Funko continues to roll out new Pop figures in their expanding licensing universe. This year’s NYCC featured a special Harley Quinn and the White and Gold Phoenix along with Frost Giant Loki and a vintage costumed Wonder Woman among others.


Square Enix brought a pretty amazing looking exclusive Deathstroke figure which was based off the costume seen in the video game, Batman: Arkham Origins. Dark Horse may be rooting the Targaryens in the Game of Thrones after offering a set of collectible dragons (Rhaegal, Viserion and Drogon) modeled after HBO’s hit show. DH also had an enormous limited edition version of the Alliance Cruiser from Mass Effect for a lucky 250 souls.

For this writer, the “I gotta have this” Star of the Show combined both appreciation for the NES and an appreciation for concealed alcohol. Ink Whiskey had long lines to purchase their Concealable Entertainment Flask which is a flask encased in the familiar gray NES cartridge with a convenient opening for your favorite spirits (see Eager buyers got to choose from 5 mock games including “Drunk Hunt”, “Castle-Vodka”, “Super Bar-Hop Bros.”, “Metal Beer” and “Legend of Drink”. The NYCC exclusive was a gold version of the Legend of Drink cartridge which sold out quickly on the first day of the Con. Stay tuned to for all the latest in toys and collectibles coming soon!


NYCC had some goodies for video game fans as well. Marvel’s mobile (IOS and Android) game, Contest of Champions, looks very promising. For those of you who have spent time playing Injustice from DC Comics, Contest of Champions blends a similar compelling story with arcade fighting action. Players will be able to choose from a large variety of Marvel characters who are grouped by powers and have special moves. I, of course, chose to play Captain America and the game play was fun and the difficulty was appropriate for most users. Look for this to be in iTunes and Android Market in December. Square Enix displayed Final Fantasy Type-O HD for PS4 and Xbox One. A hugely popular game in Japan on PSP, Square Enix brings the action state-side with this next generation stunner. Most FF fans who are eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy XV should definitely give this a try in the meantime. Capcom and Sony both brought near-finished versions of must-have horror games for release in the coming months. Resident Evil fans will be pleased with the transition to next generation consoles in Resident Evil Revelations 2 which should delight fans with some exceptional visuals and gameplay in what felt like a return to the franchise’s roots. Sony featured the Hayden Panettiere voiced, Until Dawn, which will by an upcoming PS4 exclusive and could rival the Last of Us for the Hollywood-inspired video-movie-game of 2015. Overall, the presence of video games pales in comparison to E3 and other electronics-focused events but enough to be interesting for the video game enthusiasts.


With a limited amount of movie releases related to comics slated for early 2015, Marvel and DC both chose to keep the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron or Superman vs. Batman blockbusters under wraps for now. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies took over prime real estate for all comers to see as they walked in. Peter Jackson’s three volume adaptation has met with mixed reactions from fans but the final chapter is shaping up to be quite immense. As mentioned in Part 1, Disney’s Tomorrowland with creative heads Brad Bird and Lost alum David Lindelof received a great deal of attention with their release of a new trailer and some unseen footage for panel-goers. If you haven’t seen anything about this movie, it is shaping up to be a major sci-fi event film in 2015. While not a new movie, a highlight for many NYCC goers was the 30th Anniversary of Karate Kid (yes, the REAL Karate Kid) which saw a reunion of cast members Ralph Macchio, Billy Zabka and Martin Kove to wrap up the con. Oh, Pat Morita, how we miss you!


Speaking of movies, for those of you who are fans of the book World War Z, written by Max Brooks, his panel was an absolute treat. Brooks was keen to explain how his book turned into the big budget Brad Pitt vehicle after it connected very little with the original text. Brooks was quick to joke with audience members that the title is about the only two things the stories have in common and to view each for their own value. Brooks also announced that he is working on a screenplay for his graphic novel, Harlem Hellfighters, which features an all-African American unit from New York who overcame racism, indifference and a transfer to French military leadership to become one of the most decorated units in all of World War I. Keep an eye out for this story as Brooks is working with Will Smith’s production company to bring it to the big screen.


One final presence at this year’s NYCC are the newest sci-fi and fantasy books coming our way in the near future. With the elimination of the Expanded Universe in Star Wars (now referred to as “legends” if you still pick up some of the really good SW fiction out there), fans have been dying to know what changes are in store. With Star Wars: A New Dawn written by John Jackson Miller setting the tone (in a good way!), Random House and Disney Publishing revealed some new details about the upcoming Tarkin, Heir to the Jedi and Lords of the Sith which will fill in some time gaps and be canon to the new SW storytelling. While opinions are sure to mixed, I would encourage readers to take a look at what Miller did with SW: AND and judge for themselves.


The 2014 edition of New York Comic Con was full of things for fans of all things. The Cosplay at this year’s NYCC this year showed that fans of all ages and interests can find a home for this annual tradition and we were able to take a few pictures of some of the more interesting costumes. Sadly, we lost some of our earlier pictures but I hope you all get a feel for just how creative and confident attendees were this year. Thank you all for reading this summary and there was so much more to see and hear than we were able to address this in article. Most importantly, I hope you all consider attending this event in the future as this truly is the Golden Age of Geek!

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