Stop motion Pacific Rim, directed by 7 year old

My seven year old son and I love watching Pacific Rim. He wanted some of the NECA action figures for Christmas so he could make a stop-motion animation. So I obliged and he got Gypsy Danger (Hong Kong battle) and Knifehead.

I downloaded the Lego Movie Maker app for iPhone, and my son took off from there. The beginning portion of this animation is all his. He used the onion skin feature to make sure the figures moved appropriately came up with the whole story line, and added the dialogue and original sound effects. I took the finished product and shot the ending, added music and called it a day.

Also, my son’s favorite toys are Wicked Cool Toys’ Crashlings. So they made an appearance as well.

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Podcast: Crashlings!

We love the Crashlings! Check out my son’s review. Here they are at Toys R Us.

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