Gordo Frostweed and Nymphaea

The Gordo’s hunger knows no bounds. Throughout the centuries a small group of Gordos developed the ability to stay underwater for an extended period of time. Combined with their ability to blend in with their environment seemlessly they have become one of the deadliest predators of the surrounding lake region. These creatures of the deep will be available at and in MPH retail stores on Thursday August 12th at 1PM. Available in either the icy Frostweed version or the watery Nymphaea variant by random assortment for $100.

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Introducing Bossy Bear X MIMOBOT

Bossy Bear

San Diego, CA – July 23, 2009 – Mimoco, maker of MIMOBOT character-based USB flash drives, introduces Bossy Bear x MIMOBOT, an artist series collaboration with David Horvath, the toy and storybook artist most famous as co-creator of the award winning Uglydoll characters and plush line. Horvath’s newest comic book character, the eccentrically egocentric, regal, and blue colored Bossy Bear is the next character to be morphed onto Mimoco’s MIMOBOT designer USB flash drive platform.

Bossy Bear x MIMOBOT flash drives are premiering today at Mimoco’s San Diego Comic Con booths #4938 and #2913M in the Star Wars Pavilion, and at Mimoco’s online shop. The drive comes in 1GB to 8GB capacities, and is bundled with Bossy Bear-themed wallpapers, icons, avatars, screensavers, and Mimoco’s mimoByte™ sound software.

Mr. Horvath will be on hand for a signing at Mimoco’s booth #4938 in the Toy Growers / Cult Yard section of Comic Con on Saturday, July 25th at 5:30PM. Fans can also watch an exclusive interview with David with the release of mimoZine issue 6, Mimoco’s digital magazine that covers a mix of pop-culture, technology, and the environment.

David Horvath joins fellow MIMOBOT Artist Series collaborators, Gary Baseman, Tokidoki, FriendsWithYou, Bubi Au Yeung, and many others in the contemporary character and pop-art universe of vinyl toys, comic books, and graffiti.

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DKE Toys SDCC Information

o-no sushi
DKE Toys will be set up at this year’s San Diego Comic Con (booth #4732). If you are attending please stop by and say hello. We will have most of our current stock along with plenty of samples and prototypes on display from over 100 companies.
Signing Schedule DKE Booth #4732

Thursday 07/23 @ 4 pm – Andrew Bell
Friday 07/24 @ 12 pm – Erick Scarecrow
Friday 07/24 @ 2 pm – Buff Monster
Friday 07/24 @ 4 pm – Ohm (Muttpop)
Saturday 07/25 @ 12 pm – Erick Scarecrow
Saturday 07/25 @ 4 pm – Ohm (Muttpop)
Mystery Guest TBA ?????????????????

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Kenny Wong’s – Copperhead Squad


Kenny Wong’s Copperhead Squadt, the deep sea diver will debut at the Taipei Toy Festival in three different versions. Copperhead Squadt was revealed on Ferg’s Project Squadt

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New IWG Series Landing June 2009…

Rocketworld is previewing the New IWG Series. Look for additional preview pics releasing over the next few weeks.

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DKE Toys: Yeti Guys Timmy Toxic Slimeballs + Tricycle Terror Rat Fink & More!!

yeti guys

Yeti Guy

Not a conventional yet, lives in the forest cos he doesn’t like the cold. 5″ tall.
Available in Woodland Edition (Brown) Abominable Edition (White) or the Yeti Girl Spare Rib Edition (Pink). Designed by nevermore

Limited to 300 per colorway!

Suggested Retail $35

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STRANGEco King Ken Giveaway!

STRANGEco has a special collection of KING KEN FIGURES by James Jarvis give away.

They are giving away the following royal trifecta:

  • One 12-inch Vortigern’s Machine edition King Ken (brown flocked)
  • One 3-inch limited Gold edition King Ken mini figure (released at SDCC 2008)
  • One 3-inch Listen To Metal secret chase King Ken mini figure

That’s three super-rare King Ken figures all in one cool prize!

By entering the STRANGEco King Ken giveaway, you’ll be added to our brand new mailing list, which will subscribe you to our semi-regular news dispatches about the goings-on with the original Purveyors of the Peculiar.

Click Here to enter to win!

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Humans Beware I.W.G Custom Art Show!

Rocket World sent us information about the upcoming I.W.G. Art Show at the Rocket World Gallery.

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Chaos Monkey

A puzzle for zoologists, this monkey has been seen thru ages on every continent but his origin is still a mystery. Based on scientific analysis, CHAOS MONKEY may be one of the first gene mutations ever. With large eyeballs, this hungry creature has escaped from his ancestral slammer in order to devour all human beings on this planet. Born with short legs and enormous arms, he’s able to move faster than any other ape without any hope of escape for their casualties. They’ll eventually eat you raw. From the largeness of his eyes, billions of monkeys are watching us, waiting for a bloody vengeance. Now forever as a vinyl statue, his hypnotic look and his little sharp teeth will keep you scared to death.

CHAOS MONKEY is the first vinyl toy created by French illustrator BUNKA. It’s the second release on the French label ARTOYZ ORIGINALS created by ARTOYZ. Vinyl. 14cm (5.5″) tall. Available in Regular and US Exclusive Versions. US Version limited to 500 pieces.

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The Vader Project also at the Carnegie Science Center


Ten of the Darth Vader helmets are also on display at the Carnegie Science Center while the other helmets are being displayed at the Andy Warhol Museum. The Vader Project, opens this Saturday at the Warhol Museum, February 28, 2009 and is on view through May 3, 2009. If you’re in the Pittsburgh be sure to stop by the Science Center to check out the the display!

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