Salute Your Shorts Week: Where Are They Now? Megan Berwick & Heidi Lucas


Heidi Lucas & Megan Berwick

Portrayed: Dina Alexander & Z.Z. Ziff

After Salute Your Shorts ended, both Megan and Heidi had a few acting roles. Heidi had a role on Boy Meets World and The Wayans Brothers.  While Megan starred in The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom. So Where are they now?

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Dr. Kahns Camper of the Day – Friday


Eddie “Donkeylips” Gelfen

This is Dr. Kahn, your camp leader, with the Camp Anawanna camper profile of the day. Every group of pre-teen misfits needs a fat kid who goes by a nickname that accentuates his fatness. Our resident chunker is Eddie “Donkeylips” Gelfen. In the grand tradition of Chunk, Fat Kid, Cartman, and Vern, Donkeylips is husky, sweaty, and constantly dreams of fatty foods. He is not above eating rock-hard, painted macaroni during arts and crafts. Despite his girth, he proved his worth during the camp’s game of capture the flag. In addition to being the token fattie, this is a man at the heart of a love triangle. He is torn between serving as Budnick’s sidekick and enforcer and being Sponge’s best friend. With Budnick, he is feared, but with Sponge, he can be himself. Despite this identity struggle, he remains honest, loyal, and smelly. Where would we be without a fat kid?

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Essential Seven Salute Your Shorts Moments

Saulte Your Shorts

For two seasons the campers of Camp Anawanna ran, jumped, swam and played. Sometimes they even rowed and went on trips. Throughout their camp stay, they created a lot of great memories.  Budnick, Donkeylips, Dina, Sponge, Z.Z, Michael, Telly, Ronnie, and Ug all provided us memorable moments. Too many to count. However, we have identified the Essential Seven Salute Your Shorts Moments.

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I Am Sponge. An Interview with Trevor Eyster, Part II

Tim Eyster

Hope your enjoying our dedication to Salute Your Shorts this week. Of course I’m sure you have been waiting for part 2 of I Am Sponge. An interview with Trevor Eyster. Trevor has recently opened himself up to the fans on his Sponge Harris Facebook page. You may have only known him as the Sponge, but I think you’re about to learn a lot more on who Trevor Eyster is.

Read Part 1 of I Am Sponge. An interview with Trevor Eyster

Part 2 of our exclusive interview deals completely with Salute Your Shorts. Enjoy!

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Salute Your Shorts FAQ


Some of you have never heard or even seen an episode of Salute Your Shorts. For those of you poor bastards who were deprived of this show, I have created a Salute Your Shorts FAQ:

What is Salute Your Shorts?
Salute Your Shorts is a early 90’s cable show that aired for two seasons on Nickelodeon. The cable channel began producing a number of good shows with kids as the stars. They were labeled “Nickcoms”

Was that the show with the two brothers named Pete?
No, that was the other good Nickcom called The Adventures of Pete and Pete. There was also Clarissa Explains it All, You Can’t Do That on Television and the most boring sitcom on the planet, Hey Dude!

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Dr. Kahns Camper of the Day – Tuesday


Dina Alexander

This is Dr. Kahn, your camp leader, with the Camp Anawanna camper profile of the day. Today’s camper is Dina Alexander. Her family has a zillion dollars, so she can afford to work on her tan and read magazines all summer. When she is not out sunbathing, she spends her time gushing about her favorite singer, Jamie Mallet, Jr., and avoiding Donkeylips’ drooling advances. Many around camp would label her as the camp’s “hottie.” Not me, of course, as I am a fully-grown adult with some type of doctoral degree that enables me to run a camp without ever being seen. Anyway, Dina once played the lead in our camp’s production of Cinderella with disastrous results, and it was rumored that she had dinner with Janet Jackson. They had “Norwegian salmon, all the way from Norwege.” She may not be the sharpest arrowhead at the archery range, but she has spunk and certainly has broken a few hearts.

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Which Salute Your Shorts Character is your Favorite?

Salute Your Shorts

Who was your favorite Salute Your Shorts Character

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Salute Your Shorts Week Begins!

Salute Your Shorts

Back in the early 90’s Nickelodeon started producing a number of television shows with kids as the main stars. Shows like Clarissa Explains It All, Pete & Pete, and Hey Dude! were all very successful, but in my eyes the best show was Salute Your Shorts! This week we are celebrating the show with a week long dedication to the cast and writers of the show. Starting today at noon (est) we will have part 1 of our exclusive interview with Trevor Eyster who portrayed Sponge.

Some of you have never seen the show. I’m not surprised. The show hasn’t been on television for years. For those of you who never saw the show here is a quick synopsis of it.

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Salute Your Shorts Week Starts on Monday August 24th

Tim Eyster

Beginning Monday August 24th, we will be celebrate Salute Your Shorts week! We are huge fans of the show and want to celebrate its greatness! Throughout the week we remember the great Nickelodeon show with a series of nostalgic articles, camper of the day, and our exclusive 3-part interview with Trevor Eyster (formerly Tim)! Trevor, portrayed the geeky but lovable, brainy camper “Sponge Harris”. Trevor gives us a glimpse into the world of Salute Your Shorts, and some information about the long awaited Salute Your Shorts DVD!!!

Can’t wait for Salute Your Shorts week? Then join Trevor’s Sponge Facebook page.

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