NTR Toy Fair video part 2 – Action and Role Play

(This of course follows the Arts & Crafts in Part 1)

Here is Part 2 of ‘s Toy Fair coverage featuring Action Toys like Hot Wheels, Skeleflex, Batman, Transformers, Nerf, and RC Cars, and Role Play toys like the Wolverine Claws, Helmet Heroes, the Magic Reveal Kitchen and the Elmo Tickle Hands.

Ironically, you get just a little bit more info about the Elmo Hands by watching our Toy Fair preview video featuring those furry hands.

Be sure to check out’s Toy Fair Coverage for pics and more of action figures and collectibles. All of our parent-oriented Toy Fair coverage is held in one spot on

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Elmo Tickle Hands

Mr. Stinkhead’s Daddy Blog site, Non-Toxic Reviews posted a video from Toy Fair featuring the new Fisher-Price Elmo Tickle Hands. If you check out the comments you will see that people are finding unique things to do with the hands. So the question of the day is “What can you do with Elmo Tickle Hands?”

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