aka Spider-Man

Interview with Moe Alafrangy, bringing Spider-Man to life in the upcoming Marvel Universe Live coming to the Verizon Center in September.

We wanted to talk to Moe because he is a Northern Virginia native, but also because he’s Spider-Man, and it’s been awhile since we got to interview a super hero. Moe grew up in Falls Church and Alexandria, and went Annandale High School. As a kid, Moe loved Spider-Man and he wanted to be nimble and flexible like his hero. He got started in Tae Kwon Do at the age of nine, and completed his first black belt at age 14. Moe was drawn to Tae Kwan Do and the martial art tricking it features.

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Monster Jam! (Washington DC)

Grave Digger flies
This past weekend my old college roommate and I took our six and four year old sons to the Monster Jam at the Verizon Center in Washington DC. We got there early to hit the Pit Party to meet all the drivers and pose with the trucks. Check out all of our sweet pics below, and see why this is an awesome event to take your kid to.
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Nuclear Cowboyz!!


Last Friday the 13th and trucked up to Baltimore to check out the Nuclear Cowboyz. This spectacle pits the competing Soldiers of Havoc (blue uniforms) and the Metal Mulisha (black and gold) vs the invading Cyborg Army led by the evil Tempest. Will the Nuclear Cowboyz come together and defeat the Cyborg Army, saving mankind? Check out my pics below for all the high-flying stunts and pyrotechnics.
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