Firefly LEGO set

Check out this awesome custom Firefly Serenity Lego set, including minifigs of your favorite browncoats.

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Essential Seven Tragic Couples

This Monday is Valentine’s Day. Remember, flowers and chocolate are always good. Most of you will have a good day with your loved ones. Think about Sawyer and Juliet from LOST. Their lives were ruined when Juliet falls into a hole, and killed by a nuclear explosion. She can never celebrate Valentine’s Day again. Their love ended in tragedy.  That is why this week we are going to examine the Essential Seven Tragic Couples:

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Han Solo was in Firefly

It’s true. Han Solo was in Firefly. He was frozen in carbonite. The website Geek With Curves discovered that throughout the series you can spot a Han Solo in Carbonite.  Nathan Fillion is a huge Star Wars fan, and the props team would add it whenever possible.

(via Geek With Curves)

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Firefly ’80s Opening Theme

Two Firefly related stories today! Garrison Dean and Charlie Jane Anders of io9 put together an ’80s inspired opening credits for Firefly. I love it except for one thing. They forgot to include Sean Maher!

(via i09)

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Firefly, Together Again!

Last week Nathan Fillion tweeted this photo of a small Firefly reunion. Nathan, Joss, Alan, and Adam all got together. I have already read lots of people writing that this is hope of a possible Firefly / Serenity project. My thoughts? They are friends and just got together. Although I hope I’m wrong!

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Essential Seven Fictional Drinks I Want to Try

Film and television often make up fictional drinks to help place a story into the future or another world. These drinks can sometimes be over the top by color or how they are created. The description of the drink can only give you an idea of what they taste like. Since none of these drinks exist we have to just imagine what they taste like. That is why this week I am listing the Essential Seven Fictional Drinks I Want to Try:

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Essential Seven Firefly Moments

One of the greatest television shows of all time is Joss Whedon’s Firefly. When the show was on TV it couldn’t  find a large enough audience. Fox then cancelled the show. The series DVD brought in new fans who never watched the show when it was on. I’m one of those “new fans.” My first Firefly experience was watching Serenity in theaters on recommendation from a friend. I instantly bought the Firefly DVD and watched every episode. With a viewing of the series again, I decided to choose the Essential Seven Firefly Moments:

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Restore Joss Whedon

In response to the Restore Stephen Baldwin video, somebody put together a Restore Joss Whedon video. The video isn’t asking you to support Joss Whedon financially. Why? Because Joss Whedon doesn’t suck

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Shiny! Firefly complete series for $20 on Amazon

Buy the complete series of Firefly

I just picked this up myself. Can’t pass it up at that price.

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Nathan Fillion is Awesome

We all know that Nathan Fillion is awesome, but his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last week just solidified it.

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